The ‘Dad’ body might be in right now, but it’s not healthy. Shedding those extra pounds could be the key to feeling like you did in your prime.

Even if you aren’t overly bothered by your physique, aiming to eat a healthy balanced diet should still be a priority. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the odd beer and takeaway night in your home cinema. However, employing healthy habits in your day to day life will bring positive change.

Start eating a healthier diet now, and your body will thank you in the long run.


Drink More Water

Your body is a machine, and fuelling it with the right stuff is crucial. The most important item it needs is water. If there’s only one change you look to implement, consuming more H2O should be the answer.

Our bodies are roughly two-thirds water, meaning that you must top up your levels regularly. Staying hydrated is hugely important for human function, and water is easily the best way to do it. Kicking harmful fizzy drinks for the natural stuff is one of the best lifestyle improvements you’ll ever make.

The fact it also contains 0 calories makes it a crucial part of any weight loss plan too. Drinking water will partly fill you up, meaning that you’ll want to eat less. Furthermore, it will give you more energy so you’ll be likely to become more active too.


Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Those suggestions of eating five portions of fruit and veg per day aren’t there for a laugh. These items should be a cornerstone of anybody’s diet. Getting more nutritious food will promote a better quality of life, and helps keep your body fine-tuned too.

Stocking up on the good stuff in the supermarket is fine. However, you can step it up a notch by growing your own at home. Strawberry plants are a great way to encourage increased fruit consumption. Meanwhile, you’re also guaranteed to get a far tastier produce. Best of all, you’ll save some extra money too.

Growing your own food is a great way to teach your children about the benefits of healthy eating. It also offers the chance to enjoy an activity together. Furthermore, it encourages the next step of our guide too.


Cook Your Own Food

The fast-paced nature of modern life means that picking up frozen meals or nuggets and chips is often the easiest choice. While there is nothing wrong with the odd easy meal, it isn’t healthy to make this your daily ritual.


Quite frankly, most of us don’t even know what goes into processed food. If we did, we’d probably steer well clear. If you’re not already doing it, cooking from scratch can feel like another hassle. But the reward of knowing your family are getting nutritious food has to be worth the effort. Besides, you can always inject a little fun.

Even if it’s something simple like making homemade pizzas with the children, this has to be a better option. Meanwhile, you can use your home-grown produce to make various other recipes. You’ll end up with tastier food and can take satisfaction from knowing it’s healthier too.

Besides, if you do the cooking, it should get you out of cleaning duties.


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