My name is Ian Garstang, less than average husband but great father (i hope). I am very lucky and thankful for what I have in this world and love to share my stories. I am a traveller, a video game enthusiast and a game graphic designer… And that is when I am not be a day-to-day online marketeer.


My family means everything to me and consist of the following: My fantastic, yet tech-fearing wife Emma, who works her fingers to the bone for the family keeping us all in order, on time and up to date with events, celebrations, and special occasions. Though she won’t admit it, she likes cleaning products and is always on the look out for the next big thing. Check out Emma’s corner of the world in the Mum’s The Word section.


My two amazing, gizmo obsessed children, Lucy and Livvy (Olivia) who despite being old 3 years old and 1 year old are bright, bubbly, funny, and smart. Sadly, they both suffer from sleeping issues meaning Emma and I have not had an old fashioned ‘full nights sleep’ in three years. They say you get used to sleep deprivation but I don’t think so.  You get used to having 4-5 hours a night but it doesn’t stop being hard.


Finally we have a sweet little dog called Chewbacca. Our black and tan King Charles Spaniel is my eldest girl. Yes, Chewie is a girl and named as such as I got to name the dog and Emma got to name the children (otherwise you might have read Leia and Serenity in the previous paragraph). She’s a good dog who used to get all of my attention and is sadly now at the bottom of the pile trying to get in a cuddle where she can.


So there you have it, the prologue or the back story of this website and the content it provides. My family and I will write about our lives in the vain hope that some will find it interesting, others will find it useful and someone might actually find it funny.