[dropcap size=big] T[/dropcap]his week was pretty uneventful as I kept to my Slimfast shakes and indulged a little at the weekend with a large roast dinner. My wife has been more supportive at the weekend by getting me a couple of Weight Watchers soups to eat, so not to ‘diet’ in front of the girls.

I have also continued using the Slendertone belt on a twice daily basis (work days only) and whilst I can ‘see’ much of a difference, I do feel like my stomach ‘holds itself in’ more. Going to the gym three times a week allows me to have bigger meals than normal or that extra glass of wine in the evening. That extra glass of wine makes me seriously consider going more often.

The results are in:

[column size=one_half position=first ]Weight:


Body Fat:


[column size=one_half position=last ]12st 0lb -1lb

26.2 -0.1

21.6% -0.6


The slip of paper tells me that my ideal weight needs to be between 8st 7lbs and 1 1st 7lbs. It also says that a BMI higher than 25  is considered overweight which is a shame. In contrast however, if your body fat is lower that 22.4% then you are considered in excellent shape.

With everything in the green I can’t complain but I am still far off losing the 2lbs a week I first set out to do. I feel healthier and I do think my stomach is going slowly but surely, but I think I need another six weeks to get down to around 11 stone. If I can get to 1 1st alb in the weigh in then I think my ‘non-clothed’ weight will be 11 stone.

From Full Blown Snacking to Teeny Tiny Titbits

Although I have managed to cut out crisps and chocolate bars I do find myself occasionally having a little snippet of food from the fridge. I might have a Dairy Lea slice here or a chocolate button there and it started by having one a week but I have found that this is growing… Something I will need to keep an eye on.

If you have any dieting tips and advice for men, please let me know as I can controlling my diet being a constant battle I need to fight.

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