Most adults will understand that fizzy drinks are not suitable for small children. There are many reasons for that, some of which we’re going to mention in just a moment. With the amount of alternatives on the market today, there is no reason your children should consume products from the likes of Coca-Cola. You only have to search online to discover the damage those drinks can cause. So, the next time your child tells you they’re thirsty, it’s a good idea to crack open the squash. You can get lots of different fruit juices at your local supermarket that are far more suitable. If all else fails, just give them some water.

Fizzy drinks contain high levels of caffeine

Adults have busy lives, and so they need as much energy as possible. The same cannot be said for children. While caffeine can be bad for the health of anyone, it can have drastic effects on your child’s overall health. Worst of all? It is an addictive element that could change the way in which your kids bodies grow. The last thing you want is a child that gets headaches if they don’t drink three cans of Dr. Pepper each day.

Fizzy drinks are expensive

We all know how some kids can be fussy eaters and drinkers, but that doesn’t mean you should give in to their demands. Not only are fizzy drinks bad for their health, but they’re also very expensive when compared to the alternatives. You should try to avoid giving them water out of your taps though because it contains lots of chemicals. Instead, maybe you should get a water filter? Information about Berkey water filter products is easy to come by, and it could completely change your attitude towards the liquid that pours from your fittings. While the chemicals used are designed to help increase health, many people think it has the opposite effect.


Fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar

Some of the most popular fizzy drinks on the market today contain a shocking amount of sugar. While you might not believe it, there can be as much as 20g in those little cans. Not only does sugar cause your child to gain weight, but it could also increase the chances of them developing certain mental disorders. In most cases of ADHD, experts recommend that children refrain from sugar consumption altogether. That is because it can add to their “hyper” mood.

Fizzy drinks cause high blood pressure

A recent study undertaken by a team of medical experts found that fizzy drinks contributed towards high blood pressure in almost 80% of cases. That should be enough to put you off for life. High blood pressure can lead to lots of dangerous illnesses that could affect your kids for the rest of their life. It’s just not worth the risk.

We hope you will now think twice whenever your child demands soda with their meal. Even if your child eats the healthiest food imaginable, they could still encounter many problems if you allow them to consume caffeinated fizzy drinks.

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