It’s the question that baffles men across the world. I know that my husband doesn’t fully understand it! But to us women it is just part and parcel of life as a modern girl. If you ask any women, and I mean any women, they will be able to come up with five or six reasons why we take our time in the bathroom. But, for all the men out there who still don’t understand, these reasons should finally answer the question!


Men, you can waltz into any toilet and get the job done in a couple of seconds with urinals, but women don’t have that luxury. We have to wait for a stall to open and for other women to do their thing before we can do ours. Until a mad scientist invents a comfortable urinal for women, expect a long wait for your partner when she ‘nips’ to the loo.


We also wash our hands. That might sound like an insignificant amount of time, but how would most men know? They hardly ever wash their hands! Because most women wash their hands, you have to wait, again, and then you have to dry your hands. It’s only a small thing, but they all add up at the end of the day!


Okay, to men it might seem weird that most women go to the toilet together. But to us, it’s a great place to catch up and have a little gossip. There are some things that we just cannot talk about in front of the opposite sex, and the bathroom is the place where all of those conversations go down. In fact, it is almost a rite of passage for most women to bond in the bathroom. If you think that is strange, you should visit the web page. You might just find out a lot more about women’s bathroom habits than you bargained for!



If we don’t do our makeup, we run the risk of not looking pretty! There is so much pressure on us girls to look good that we need to make sure we look perfect before we step out on the town. Society isn’t as nice to women as it is to men, who can throw on a suit and do what they please. Plus, looking good means feeling great, so if you look your best you will feel your best which is one of the main reasons we like to look flawless!


Trying to fight the signs of ageing doesn’t start when women hit middle age. It starts around the mid-twenties if we let it, so we have to spend a fair chunk of time in the bathroom to stop it. That means putting on all kinds of moisturisers and creams and anti-ageing products, so we look as good in our fifties as we do in our twenties. It’s a long process that starts decades in advance!

Men, I suggest you get a book while you wait because you won’t be going anywhere in a hurry!

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