There are gadgets out there that look like a lot of fun that you could potentially see yourself playing around with after you put the kids to bed. And while those gadgets may be loads of fun, they are not the focus of the topic at hand. When you’ve got a bunch of responsibilities like work and kids, you probably have to do a bit of multitasking. You’re going to be worried about your kids while at work, and worry about work while you’re with your kids. These next six gadgets, tools, and applications should help parents to better organize their lives if they work in healthcare. In reality, some of them might even help no matter what your job is.

Nanny Cams

This gadget has been around for a while, but the technology behind it has only gotten better with time. Originally, nanny cams were really just baby monitors. You would use them to listen to your baby sleep so you could be alerted when it was time for a diaper change or feeding. Then baby monitors started coming with cameras so you could actually watch your child. At first, you could only use them while you were actually in the house because the range wasn’t that good. Today, nanny cams are used to keep an eye on your kids as much as their babysitter. Since you can never be too safe, this technology is highly recommended for all working parents.

Family GPS Locators

At Ultimate Medical Academy, you get to pick from a number of available career paths in the medical industry. Parents know first-hand that kids don’t need the same amount of freedom or choices. If you have ever had concerns about where you kids are driving their car or whether or not they are driving safely, a family GPS monitor will give you everything you need. Even more importantly, you can pull up GPS data in real time from your home. So, even if you are having a busy day at the hospital, you can still keep track of what your kids are up to between patients.


Google Home

This is different than a nanny cam in that you have complete control over your house while you are away. Think about how many times you have accidently left the garage open or simply felt like you needed to be at two places at the same time. Gadget like Google Home can be a big help for a parent who feels like they are being pulled in all directions. Set the temperature in your home from remote or unlock the front door to let your child in after school. If you are waiting for a package to be delivered, you can use Google Home and similar technology to have a conversation with the delivery person in real time. For busy medical professionals, this one is a real lifesaver.

Internet Monitoring Software

One of the most dangerous places a child can be left unattended is the web. It doesn’t matter if you have a kid who gets straight A’s and is quiet and shy. Once a child gets on the internet without any boundaries, he or she is bound to get mixed up in something questionable at best. You can combat this with website blocking technology, but remember that kids are getting smarter. And if they are determined to visit a particular website or create an Instagram account, they will do it. This is why parents in the medical industry who work long hours need internet monitoring software. Sometimes you can’t prevent kids from being curious, but you do need tools that will give you undeniable proof of what they are up to.

A Heavy-Duty Blender

When you have to make it to work in 20 minutes and you still have a house full of hungry kids to feed, what do you do? You may be tempted to round them up and take them through the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant, but that would begin a bad precedent. With a super-efficient, heavy duty blender, you can make smoothies for the whole house in less than five minutes. What’s more is the fact that these types of blenders enable you to sneak in a whole lot of healthy ingredients, like raw spinach, without your kids noticing. So, get the Nutri Ninja or the Bullet Blender and you will always be prepared to make your kids a healthy meal in at a moment’s notice.


This is the one gadget that every parent in the medical field really wants but didn’t really think they had a good enough excuse to buy. Apple watches, Fitbits – if it fits on your wrist and connects to Bluetooth technology, then it qualifies. These watches can literally organize your life while discretely being held in place, right on your wrist. So, if you need to add a new event to your calendar, you can use your smartwatch to ensure that you don’t get your schedule mixed up. These gadgets can be kind of expensive so make sure you ask for one for Christmas!

While you make the rounds at the hospital, your kids are going to constantly making the rounds in your mind. It is okay to worry about them, but you also need to stay focused on work. If you make use of these gadgets you will be able to stay on target while also parenting from afar. So, start looking to see which gadgets are going to be on sale in the near future and let your kids know that things are about to change. You can synchronize your schedules on your smartwatches, or use Google Home to communicate with your family while you are miles away. Better get used to these technologies now as new gadgets are going to make life even simpler. Incorporating them into your routine can only help making parenting while working as a medical professional even easier.

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