If you’ve got more oil in your veins than you have blood, then a career behind the wheel is probably very appealing. We can’t all be Formula One drivers, but there are some very lucrative and satisfying careers out there for petrol-heads. No matter your skills, there is a car-related career for you. Knowing that you want to focus your work ambitions on the automotive industry opens a world of options. If you think that your own talents will make it less likely that you end up behind the wheel of your dream car or working on a new engine design, you might be surprised! If you love the roar of an open engine and the squeal of the brakes, then these four career choices could be life-changing.

Stunt Driver

If you fancy working in the Hollywood Hills, then becoming a stunt driver for films and TV can be a hard career to break into, but well worth it. Your salary will depend on your skills and your experience, and it can be tricky to break into. However, getting to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, or being able to spot yourself on the big screen escaping from the law can make the pressure of this career worth the time it takes to establish yourself.

Engine Designer

If your skills are a little more technical, then you might be interested in becoming the person who designs those beautiful supercar engines. This is a role that is in constant high demand, although you will need a lot of education before you land your first entry-level position. If you’re already studying as an engineer and you’re not sure where you want to end up, then supercar engine building might be perfect for the car lover.


Taxi Driver

It might not have as much glitz and glamor, but being a taxi driver is a very lucrative career choice. There are additional benefits as well, with being able to choose your own hours at the top of the list. With the rise of Uber and similar apps, becoming a taxi driver is easier than ever, although you will need to upgrade your insurance. Check with Acorninsure.co.uk to make sure that you have the right specialist insurance.

Auto Journalist

If your talents are more focused on the written word rather than on technical engine specs, then you might be able to satisfy the need to be behind the wheel by becoming an auto journalist. You’ll need some experience with writing, and the more education that you have with a journalism focus, the better. You could earn a standard salary with a local newspaper, or you could end up being the face of a TV channel!

There are many reasons why you might be looking at a car-related career. Find a job that makes you happy, and the money will follow. Make sure that you have a goal in mind, and you could be steering your life in the right direction before you know it!

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