Gadgets are a funny thing. The one thing that they all have in common is that you don’t realise that you actually need them until you see them. As a mother of two anything that makes my life easier is a must. Anything that makes my children safer is an essential. And let’s face, some things are just for fun.
Here at Daddy Geek we have chosen 5 fantastic products that we think fit into at least one of these categories.


The Oven Shelf Burn Guard

This amazingly simple product made by Betterware and sold by Amazon, retails at just £6.90. The silicone guards clip onto the edge of the shelves of the oven making them cool to the touch. This means that burnt arms will become a thing of the past. A great buy especially if like me you are often doing household chores one handed whilst holding small children or multitasking.


The Heated Butter Knife

This second gadget is something that would definitely be used by my husband and I on a regular basis. The heated butter knife is still in the prototype design stage by Warburtons but here’s hoping that it soon become a reality. The knife, powered by AA batteries heats the blade to 41.8 degrees and makes the butter that it spreads smooth on to toast with ease. At least twice a week I find myself carving great hunks of butter from a block that is in the fridge. This gadget will make ripped and squashed toast a think of the past. What better way to start your day?


The Scrap Trap Container

The next gadget which caught our eye was the Scrap Trap Container. Made by Pixnor and sold by amazon for £11.99 this is a gadget that would be used at every meal time. The scrap trap fixes to the top of a drawer or cupboard in the kitchen and enables scraps of food waste to be collected with ease making crumbs and mess on the floor a thing of the past. Anything that means cleaning has become easier is a must buy for our household.


The Glow In The Dark Toilet Rim

This gadget is definitely a must for anyone with children. Either for use by the children in your house or by adults stumbling around at night, the glow in the dark toilet rim is one handy gadget. These adhesive strips line the inside of the toilet and are inconspicuous by day but when the lights go out the toilet rim emits a glow making men missing the toilet a thing of the past.


The Euphori Lock

Our final gadget is one that is really just for fun. The Euphori Lock by Ben and Geri is used to keep sneaky hands off your favourite tub of ice cream. With a combination lock this gadget fits over a pint tub of ice cream making it only accessible with the 3 digit code. Coming in a little steep at £29.99 this is still a great gadget for any ice cream lover.

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