Solar panels are a high-quality and often low-cost option when choosing a renewable energy source. In the fourth quarter of 2020, utility-scale solar in the United States increased by 4,238 MW, capping a year of consistent growth that saw the development of 10,023 MW of new solar capacity in the U.S.

But how much solar energy installation cost do you want to take on in a year like 2020? The answer depends on where you live and how much energy you need. Here’s a look at why you should go solar in 2023.

Reduced Cost of Solar Federal Tax Credit

2023 could be the ideal time to go solar. This year the federal government has made an effort to help the environment by offering a reduced cost of solar federal tax credits, encouraging the purchase of solar energy systems.

This tax credit is designed to make the cost of an installation more manageable for businesses and homeowners. It allows for a credit of up to 26% of the cost, reducing the price of a system significantly.

Combined with all the other energy savings associated with going solar, a system installed in 2023 can save a significant amount of money in the near future.

Solar Increases the Value of Your Home

2023 may be the right time to go solar due to the potential to increase the value of your home. Solar panels have been widespread, and their affordability has made them a more attractive option.

With more homes becoming solar-equipped, those equipped with panels will likely be viewed favorably compared to those without since those with solar are already ahead of the curve and may enjoy more benefits over the coming years.

Reduce Energy Bills

Solar technology has advanced to the point where solar panels can generate enough energy to power an entire household or even provide excess energy for the grid. By generating solar energy, families could see drastic cuts in their electricity bills, saving hundreds of dollars a month. Not only will going solar reduce energy bills, but it also helps to support a healthier environment.

Going solar is an investment that pays for itself over time, making it even more rewarding. This allows homeowners to enjoy both financial and environmental benefits.

It Is a Smart Investment

The technology for solar power is now more affordable, efficient, and easier to set up than ever before. With tax credits from the government and plentiful solar panel options, the cost of installing solar panels is lower than ever before.

Additionally, solar energy is a renewable resource, making it a wise and smart investment. The price of electricity is steadily rising, but by investing in solar panels, you can secure long-term energy costs. Solar energy is clean and green, so not only are you saving some money, but you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Additionally, you can generate an income when you invest in solar energy. By selling the excess energy you generate, used on days with an abundance of sunshine, you can add money to your wallet.

Good for the Environment

Solar is an inexhaustible source of renewable energy that produces almost no pollution. Solar panels use photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity, which can power the entire home.

There are many proven benefits of switching to solar. This includes reducing dependence on fossil fuels, eliminating pollution and emissions, decreasing energy costs long-term, and taking advantage of renewable energy incentives.

Simply put, solar energy is essential to a sustainable energy future. So making the switch to solar power in 2023 is an environmentally responsible decision.

The Price of Solar Panels Has Dropped Significantly

2023 is the best time to jump on the solar panel bandwagon. With the cost of solar panels dropping significantly, investing in solar technology is more affordable than ever. Solar panels can provide homeowners with lifelong savings because of their potential to generate free energy.

Additionally, solar panels can help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and help reduce our carbon footprint. Because of the long-term savings associated with using solar energy, this might be the ideal time to invest in solar energy, especially when prices are lower than usual.

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Modules and Warranties Last Longer

In recent years, solar modules and warranties have improved, meaning the systems last longer than ever. That means that 2023 is the right time to invest in solar.

The securities offered today can easily last more than 25 years, so panels may still be in perfect working condition in 2043 or later. Today’s contracts also include better performance guarantees. This means that the panel producer will guarantee that they will perform at least x% of their initial capacity over the span of the warranty.

Making the switch to solar now, in 2023, means you get the most extended lifespan out of the solar panels and the most comprehensive warranties available.

Go Solar Today and Enjoy These Benefits

2023 is undoubtedly an ideal time to go solar. With solar energy costing 70-80% less than fossil fuels and the rising rate of fossil fuel consumption, now is the time to make the switch.

Investing in solar energy will help protect our planet’s health and reduce energy costs. It’s a true win-win situation. Make the right decision today and capitalize on going solar!

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