People decide to pursue a nursing career for a variety of reasons. Some find their calling in helping people in the time of need and making their lives better. Others are fascinated by growth prospects – while other industries experience massive shortages, especially because of the coronavirus pandemic, nurses are always in demand. Last but not least, many specialist nursing careers offer lucrative salaries, so your efforts will be well rewarded.

Whatever your reason is, it’s better to gain experience of different nursing specialties early on to know what work conditions to expect and how much you’re going to earn. Speaking of the latter, this article will share the list of top paying nursing occupations. Although your final earnings will depend on the state and the facility, the average salary will give you a big picture of how much you’re going to make.

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Top Three Highest Paid Nursing Careers

Nurse Practitioner

Traditionally, nurse practitioners work in family practices and perform duties similar to those of a physician. In some states, NPs have full right to practice like doctors. Their responsibilities include examining patients, interpreting test results, developing treatment and prescribing medications as well as consulting patients on improving their quality of life. Professional nursing resume writers state that this is the most versatile nursing specialization. You can work everywhere from hospitals and clinics to nursing facilities. To enter the profession, you need a strong educational background – at least a Master’s degree. This career pays a whopping $107,030 per year.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

CRNAs perform almost the same responsibilities as anesthesiologists do, and this fact alone assumes that the role is high-pressure and demanding one. They administer the anesthesia given to the patient and calculate its correct dosage while making sure that they maintain healthy vital signs. This skill requires excellent training as well as organization skills and utmost attention to detail. Because of its complexity and responsibility, CRNAs have the highest salary across all nursing specializations – $151,138 a year. The job requires a Master’s degree, and you are also required to pass a specific exam.

Certified Nurse-Midwife

If you are someone who is interested in reproductive health, consider a nurse-midwife profession. In addition to lucrative pay, it offers extremely high job satisfaction and the possibility to connect with the patients on a personal level. These professionals help women with pregnancy, labor and childbirth. They also perform gynecological exams, educate women on childcare and related issues. Nurse-midwives offer their services to hospitals, birthing centers, and private practices. A Master’s in Nursing is a must, and the help of the best nursing resume writing services can also be helpful. The job pays $103,640 a year.

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