Cryptocurrencies have already become a part of our reality. From the vague technology, clear only for financial geeks and market experts, they turned into a regular payment instrument. Today, you can invest, store money, or pay for goods and services by means of cryptocurrencies with ease. At the same time, conversions between regular currencies and crypto money have gone even easier. Today, we’ll talk about BitCoins, the most popular cryptocurrency, and the best platform for their conversion that ensures not only low commissions but a lot of pleasant bonuses for its clients. Whilst many with talk about Coinbase or, there are other options that are worth considering.

A Couple of BTC Advantages

Before talking about a convenient way to buy or convert USD to BTC (, we must make an est of the potential and possible advantages of this cryptocurrency. There are many of them, so everyone can find what they need it most.

No control. Indeed, the system exists and develops without any control of legislation. A simple user can make an instant transaction anonymously, passing a quick registration with no ID required. As soon as you download the application, it generates your wallet number – the only thing you need to conduct transactions.

Therefore, BTC stays independent of bank systems and financial affairs. It does not react to world currency volatility, officials’ decisions, and mediators. It means that you can exchange, purchase, withdraw, or store money, forgetting about fees and operation hours.

The commissions inside the system still exist, though. Usually, the transactions are free, but you need to pay a fee in two cases: when the sum is big and overloads a system, or when the payment is too small. It is a way to prevent spam attacks. Even in these cases, BTC can be proud of the lowest commissions per transaction.

Finally, without verification from a bank, the transactions within the system are very fast. They can take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, while banks waste from three to five days, and more in case of an international transfer.

We must mention some disadvantages, indeed. The first one is the inability to cancel a transfer. If your goods or services are prepaid, you can count on nothing but the seller’s honesty. Traditional currencies are more reliable. Without all the control means, the BTC volatility stays high. So, storing big sums in BTC looks like a lottery – you can hardly predict if the rate of exchange stays stable. Anyway, BTC gains more popularity every day, and we’ll talk about the best platform for currency conversions, and USD to bitcoin exchange in particular. – A Reliable Way to Convert Cryptocurrencies

What do people seek from a good currency converter? Among many factors, there are three most important: reliability, speed, and flexibility. It must be secure enough not to lose the client’s money. It must get all the transfers instantly, as we do not have time to wait. Also, it must cover all possible regions, currencies, and payment methods to be convenient for everyone. gives everything we’ve mentioned, and even more. Take a glance at the top features of a company:

Using this converter, you can be both anonymous and reveal your identity. After a quick online registration, you can use a converter with some limitations that concern Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards. The verification process cancels those limits one by one. For instance, identity verification will increase the dollar to BTC transaction limit to a 500 Euro equivalent. Bankcard, address, and income verifications will increase the limit, up to unlimited sums. has launched a cashback system. You will get up to 1% from each transaction you perform. To launch this option, you need to convert dollar to bitcoin with your bank cards or perform transactions between currencies. is the best place because it is not a mediator. Transactions are quick because everything is made automatically. You do not send money to real people, and they do not need time to process your request. This way lets the platform conduct operations within hours. You’ll never get the same terms in any bank. is the most flexible exchange website. Through it, you can convert Euros and USD between 11 different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, TRON, EOS, and LINK, Neteller, local payment systems, Asian banks, and traditional debit and credit card systems.

This site gives you another earning method. Via the easiest affiliation program, you can promote, integrate it into your business, and get additional money.

Finally, you can always count on help on the website. From a blog, you will learn the latest news about the currency world. With a FAQ and support system, you’ll have an easy start and no problems troubling you.

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