We almost convince ourselves that a Jaguar sports car is a good idea. You begin to convince yourself that you can fit the kids in the back of a Ferrari. Trust us, you can’t! And you’ll get the silent treatment from your wife for the next two months. When it comes to your next car, there are so many brilliant options out there. You still want that power and style, just with a little extra room for the kids in the back. Don’t fret, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite cars for dads. Take your pick of the bunch and you’ll drive home happy.



BMW are making some fantastic cars at the moment. They’re enjoying a golden age of powerful, beautiful and practical cars. The M3 is right at the top of the pack. It’s a four-door saloon, so there’s plenty of practicality for those family activities. But, here’s the great part, it’s a coupe. It has a fiercely sporty styling with stunning curves and a sleek finish. Under the bonnet there’s a 4.0 litre V8 engine! You’ll still get that kick of speed and it looks fantastic.


Jaguar XE

Okay, okay, if you really want a Jag, you can have one. The XE is a Jaguar that both you and the kids will love. It’s got a family heart, but an angry engine! The XE is an executive saloon in the same league as the Mercedes C-Class or the BMW 3-Series. The real kicker is that it looks much cooler than both of them. The XE is a practical business car with plenty of boot space. It’s safe and has a good fuel economy too. Most importantly, it comes with a Jaguar badge.


Audi RS4

The Audi A4 is your run-of-the-mill company car. We can already feel you rolling your eyes! But, bump the A4 up to the fully-loaded RS4 and it’s a whole different beast. The RS4 gets an aggressive new styling with arched headlights that look like fierce eyebrows. It has a more angular nose and a tighter chassis. The big change is in the engine that will deliver a staggering 414 brake horsepower. In the back, the kids get super-cool bucket seats too.


Range Rover Sport

When it comes to SUVs, nobody does it better than Land Rover. They are the original and the best. With the new Range Rover Sport, they have crafted the best 4×4 ever made. The kids will love the high stadium seats, and it’s built with family adventure at its heart. But, it’s also a great looking car and quick off the mark too. Check out the full range at Hunters land Rover and find the right model for your family. We personally love the Evoque series. It’s slightly more compact with a sportier design.

There you have it, dads! The family car doesn’t have to be boring and slow. Pick up one of these and keep the whole family happy… just make sure it’s red.


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