The youngest generation has a real problem. Fewer and fewer children are active these days. It is a sorry state of affairs. As a father, you have a mission to make sure that your little ones are as healthy as they can be. That means that you need to encourage them to get active on a daily basis. If you find that your children want to play video games or watch TV all day, something is wrong. Help them change today.


Plan some family days out

Rather than staying in all the time, it is an excellent idea to get out and do things as a family. You should plan some outings ahead of time. That way, you will all have something to look forward to in the future. There are particular things that you need for a day out and don’t you forget them. Whether you head to a park or a fair, you will get a chance to walk around and exercise while having fun.


Start some sports together

Playing games is the easiest way to stay in shape. You need to introduce your little ones to these games sooner rather than later. Everyone has a sport that suits them and their skills. Your kids just need to figure out what it is. You might want to get some equipment so that your children can play. You could get some RFP Portable Pitching Mounds and a couple of bats. That way, you can play a family game of baseball in the park. Remember, you needn’t get overly competitive. Kids hate losing, and so you might need to go easy on them now and then.


Take up hobbies

What hobbies can you all enjoy together? You might want to start flying kites or even take up cycling. There is a whole load of fun things you can do as a family. Every evening, you ought to ensure that you all do something active and enjoyable. Once you set that goal, remember to stick with it. Before you know it, your kids will start to love the great outdoors and spending time with you each day.


Go for a jog as a family

This idea might sound a little extreme, but it can be great for you. If you find that none of you get the cardiovascular exercise you need, something has to change. Jogging is a fun way to get healthy and stay fit when you need to do so. If you all go for a jog together, you will find that it is less of a chore than you imagine. In fact, it can be entertaining and means that you will all feel more energetic than ever.


Turn off the TV!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to getting active is that the TV is your enemy. If you leave it on, it will suck you all in, and you will never do anything. If you feel that your family (and kids) spend too much time in front of the telly, switch it off! Trust me, you will be so glad that you did when you’re all super healthy.


Get a Dog

Getting a dog is a great way to encourage your family on daily walks. Not only are they a great addition to the family but it almost forces the family to get out and about. The more you walk, the more you explore your local area to find new and exciting walks. However, it is essential that you not only exercise them regularly, but feed them right as there are a number of human foods that are toxic to dogs.


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