[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he weigh in wasn’t good. I put it down to new shoes and a change in clothes. Starting with excuses is not the best way to begin a blog post so lets start with the numbers

[column size=one_half position=first ]Weight:


Body Fat:


[column size=one_half position=last ]12st 4lb  +4lb

26.4  -0.6

28.9  -4.3%


So two positive numbers is better than none.  Weirdly I  also gained 4cm in height which is why I am blaming some of my additional weight on my new shoes. I suppose next week will be a true change.

The first week went well I think, as I stuck to my slim fast shakes at lunch time, went to the gym and drank more water. However, as expected, I began to obsess about food, thinking about it constantly, fantasizing about Pizza’s and checking the calorie count on nearly every piece of food handed to me. The hunger pangs really got me at 11am and 3pm. These are my usual snack times where I might have a breakfast bar, a packet of crisps or just a little something to keep me going. Without these titbits are was ravenous my 6pm and wolfed down my evening meal with the ferocity of a starved tiger.

I also found that my concentration began to wain and despite constant recommendations from my wife to ‘just eat more healthily and stop dieting’ I ploughed on through. Evening meals soon became something to look forward to and even the dishes that I wasn’t all that fond of before such as stir fry (sorry honey!) were suddenly obliterated from the bowl leaving nothing but the faint aroma of oyster sauce. I would clean each and every plate without fail.

My biggest downfall was wine, as some white wines were weighing it at 130 calories a glass they ate into my 1200 calorie allowance making a normal evening meal reach nearly 700 calories. Having toast for breakfast, a slim fast for lunch, five cups of tea, two wines and an evening meal pretty much broke the 1200 limit every day.  As such, I decided to reduced my sugar intake in tea to half a sugar and made sure I was at the gym three times a week.

Sadly, my first major challenge was yet to begin… a weekend away by the sea eating out for four days

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