Your kids may love the idea of living on pizza for the rest of their lives. Who can blame them? Pizza is delicious. But, you need to make sure that your kids are eating properly. No one is saying that the odd ice cream or burger is not okay. On the contrary, having a little treat now and then is great for the soul. But, the problems lie with many of our kids who are just not keen on their greens.

This madness has to stop!

Getting your children to eat a well-balanced diet is important. It’s all about adopting the right tips and tricks.

Don’t Give Them Attention: Ignoring Your Kids Protestations!

Attention only spurs kids on. Yes, they are fickle beings, and they crave attention. Calling them, a fussy eater will only lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. As such, it may be wise to ignore your child when they stamp their feet and refuse to touch their broccoli. As frustrating as it can be, don’t allow them to dictate around the dinner table. If they are moaning and groaning about the humble carrot, just politely nod and ignore them. Yes, it’s tough. Yes, they will drive you crazy. But, not getting a rise from mom and dad means that the kids have not won. Yes, we are comparing fussy eating to a battle. But, you already knew that!


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Make Mealtimes Fun: The Art of Food Arrangement

For many kids, the thought of fruit and vegetables is just not appealing. So, make it fun. Use lots of different coloured foods and make sure that you arrange them in a smiley face or a piece of art. Colours are appealing to kids, as are different textures. So, try different cooking methods to see which they prefer. This can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it.

The Problem with Meat (Fixing the Issue)

Many kids don’t like eating meat. The texture can be off-putting. Try introducing meats into their diet at a gentler pace. Check out this website as a source of inspiration; listed the sonic happy hour for deals and menu ideas. Explain to kids that meat is used in burgers and all kinds of delicious treats and as such, they should enjoy all kinds of meats. Getting them to eat chicken or beef can be tough. But, introducing them to burgers can be a good way to compromise when it comes to meat. After all, it’s vital that they are getting enough protein. Meat is the best source of this. Introduce this little and often to their diet.

Don’t Forget About Grazing

Grazing, when done properly, can be massively beneficial to your child. Sure, eating three square meals per day are the dream. But, for some kids, sitting and eating huge meals is just not appetising. Allow them to graze through the day. Carrot sticks, apples and yogurt can make for healthy snacks.



Sit Together: Make Dinner a Social Event

Sitting at the table together is a smart move to make. Use dinner times as a social event. Once your kids see everyone eating around the table, as well as chatting about their day, they will see meals as a grown-up activity. What’s more, they will be more willing to eat their lunch, whatever is in front of them.

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