Throwing the perfect children’s party is a tough job. You’ve got the responsibility of any number of children. You’ve got the difficult task of keeping them entertained for an afternoon. And you need to provide all the food and decorations. It’s got the be the best birthday ever! Most of all, you need an awesome theme. It has to be something that your little one will love and all their friends will talk about! We’ve pulled together some great ideas that are guaranteed to work.


Disney theme

Choose your child’s favourite Disney theme and create an entire party based on it! Each of the children could dress up as the characters, for example. We’ve thrown incredible Peter Pan parties. We’ve also hosted a Toy Story extravaganza and a Frozen fiesta! All the kids love it and you can go overboard on decorations. The best part is making the perfect Disney cake.


Pool party

If your little ones are not so little anymore, a pool party could be the perfect option. Summer birthdays and swimming pools go hand in hand and the kids love it. There are so many things you can do here. Get some pool party ideas in mind before you send out the invites. You could play games in the pool, make a water-themed playlist and make water-friendly food. It’s really important that you stay safe when throwing a pool party.


Pirate party

Pirate parties are amazing, mostly because of the dressing up options! Everyone can have fun with the eye patches, the fake swords and the funny hats. You can all pretend to have pirate voices or a parrot. The children can walk the plank or collect pieces of eight from around the garden. There’s so much fun to be had with this theme.


Baking party

For small groups of youngsters, a baking party is a great way to keep kids entertained. You can all make your own birthday cakes. They can be decorated with lots of different icing colours and decorations. It might get messy, but it will be loads of fun. The children will love to take their creations home and show Mum and Dad.


Space party

The key to a fantastic space party is face paint! Each child can be treated to a crazy, alien makeover. The children could also dress up as astronauts and pretend that the garden is the moon. They can fly make-believe rockets and you can serve up a spaceship birthday cake.


Petting zoo party

It’s no secret that children love animals. Take them all to a petting zoo and watch the excitement grow! Most zoos offer birthday deals and they can lay on a feast after they’ve finished playing.


Video game party

For gamers, there’s nothing better than an awesome video game party. Hook up a few consoles and plenty of controllers. Get their favourite games loaded up and take it turns to play against each other.

There you have it, folks! Seven awesome birthday party themes for your little ones. Let us know if you have any other brilliant ideas.


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