It has now been over three months since I started my diet. Over the past 100 days I have spent weeks on Slimfast shakes, weight watchers soups, and even been electrocuted by a slender tone belt.

The Bad

There has been many times that my resolve has weakened and I delved into the children’s chocolates, caved in an got chips instead of salad and thrown caution to the wind and had a Domino’s Pizza. However, on the whole, I have monitored my calories and strived (on most days) to keep at 1200 calories. I have come to realise that snacking is where all my extra calories come from and by cutting out all the little in between snacks I can lose weight, slowly but surely.

The Good

There has also been many occasions where I have surprised myself and lasted for days without an alcoholic drink which is pretty amazing for someone who has spent the last 15 years having a drink pretty much every night. I have also kept up with a regular gym routine going at least 3 times a week (for short periods).

The culmination of this (not-so) hard work has had the following results:

  • I have lost 9lb
  • Reduced my B.M.I from an overweight 26.4 to and ideal weight of 24.8
  • Reduced my body fat from a hefty 29.8% to a trim 19.4%
  • My face is thinner and my double chin is thinning out
  • My stamina has improved
  • Getting 6 hours interrupted sleep is getting easier
  • I feel happier

The Ugly

I am still around 4lbs off my ideal weight but sadly my interest in dieting has waned. As such the decrease in my weight has slowed. The diet has given me a new appreciation of food and I find myself clearing my plate more often that not.

Diets don’t seem to shrink your mental appetite and still try and eat the same potion sizes I used to. I feel hungry all the time but I think this is all in my mind. When I do gorge myself on food my stomach hurts soon after. I can see how eating disorders could start, as your brain and body become conflicted and are constantly sending mixed signals which can be confusing. Before dieting I never had any of these feelings.  However, before dieting I didn’t realise the difference in my overall well-being when I eat certain junk foods or reducing my alcohol intake. It really is amazing what a difference regular exercise and a better diet has. I had never believed all of that ‘hippy’ nonsense but now I think they might be on to something…

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