Having looked into the different pieces if tech that could aid potty training our daughter we decided that the most useable product to meet our needs would be the Lumi Potti. Our daughter was now more or less dry during the day and it seemed that she needed little encouragement to use the toilet now. Night time was an area that we had not yet tackled and she was still wearing nappies to go to bed.

We had explained to her that we were going to be getting a new nighttime potty and that if she needed the toilet in the night she would be able to use it. Our daughter is not a particularly sound sleeper so the chances of her waking and needing the loo were quiet high. My husband is in her room at least once a night to coax her back to sleep, so we decided to use the time she was awake to pop her on the potty.


When the potty arrived it was met with huge excitement. The potty with a light sensor attached was suitably sensitive and passed the test of the scrutiny put upon it by our toddler. When it detected movement the light would come on and once no movement was detected it would switch off. A gimmick for our daughter but very useful for locating it in the half-light of her room at night.

We put the potty in her room and have used it every night to allow her to empty her bladder mid sleep. The potty itself is very easy to clean and made with antimicrobial plastic to keep it as hygienic as possible. The next stage was to let Lucy locate the potty herself, which she is now able to do as it’s easy for her to find.

The final stage of nighttime training will be for her to get to the toilet for herself. Even through this stage the potty will come in use as it has a detachable light which she can use as a torch to guide her.
Overall we are really pleased with this product, it is a very simple yet effective idea which can be put into real use to help potty train toddlers at night and at £23.99 it really is a worthy investment.


More more information please visit: http://www.lumipotti.com/

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