Gaming is exciting, and gaming is ever changing. More and more people are joining to gaming bandwagon, and we’re not just talking about males either. Women are now engaging just as much with the gaming world as men are, in fact, some of the best gamers out there are now female, which is just so refreshing to see. The beauty of gaming is that you can become any sort of gamer you want to be. You can find the genre that you like playing, and you can end up becoming really addicted to that style of gaming. Not to say that’s a bad thing, think of it as a hobby! So, with so many different types of gamers out there, which one do you think you are? And would you switch to any of the others we’re going to list below?

The Competitive

The competitive gamer is one that just can’t let the other person, or even team win. The competitive gamer is one that takes everything too far with gaming. You might hear them shouting all kinds of abuse down the microphone, especially if they’re on the losing side. Does this sound like you? Well, a lot of people are like this. A competitive gamer is created due to the thrill of the game. They get so invested in being part of a team, or even just being part of the game, that they put their heart and soul into it. The competitive gamer is also someone who will throw the controller and walk away for an hour, and be sat right back in front of the console or PC an hour or two later. First person shooters and other team based games are where the competitive gamer is born. Don’t get us started on some of the people paying fortnite at the minute!

The Cheat

Arguably the worst kind of gamer. True gamer heads will rage at cheats, wondering why they’re taking shortcuts to finish a game. But sometimes, when you’ve just been stuck on a level for so long, cheating is the only thing you can do. Using websites such as IWantCheats can give you all the answers you need to most of the popular games out at the minute. If you’re the cheat gamer, there’s no need to be ashamed. Sometimes the game just gets the better of us, and the last thing you would want to do is lose interest, so you might as well find a solution to your problem. Players who like to play the campaigns of the games are usually the cheaters.

The Intrigued

These are the people who get the most invested in the storyline of a game. They will always play the campaign of the game before the online option, and they will complete every single quest, even the side quests. They love to know every aspect of the game, and everything intrigues them. If this is you, then you’re probably the best type of gamer. You’re someone who values the game for what it is, not the online option that comes with it. You’re a true gamer.

So, which gamer are you out of these? And would you dare to try a new gaming style?

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