Camping used to be something that lots of families did together, but the numbers are falling each year which is a shame because it is such a great way to enjoy time with your kids. It’s time to look at just why this is such a good thing to do, and why for this year’s summer holiday you might well choose to go camping instead of heading abroad or staying in a hotel.

Camping Builds Self-Esteem

Children can sometimes lack confidence in their own abilities, but camping can change that quickly. Children will need to know how to do certain things such as put up a tent, find water, cook food, and so on, and learning these skills will give them a big boost of self-esteem. They will see that they can do it and will feel better about and in themselves. Building self-confidence in children has to begin by ensuring that they are able to cope with what the world will throw at them, and the challenges that can come with camping are the ideal way to start.

Camping Helps You To Disconnect

As a society, we are becoming far too reliant on digital technology. Many of us can’t make it through the day peacefully and happily without checking our smartphones or emails. Even if it’s just scrolling through the same set of Facebook posts over and over, we can’t help but look. It’s a habit that can cause big problems. It’s not just us either; it’s the kids too! They are learning these bad habits from us.

Going camping allows everyone to disconnect and switch off the screens completely. This is partly because, depending on where you go, there may not be any WiFi, but also because you’ll be so busy with the activities you can enjoy that you won’t have time for your digital products. This digital detox can be really useful for everyone, especially the children who have probably not known anything else. Camping is also a great time to take a walk with the family and there is a multitude of tips for hiking with your kids on the internet.


Camping Is Inexpensive

Compared to a holiday abroad or even staying in a hotel, camping is very cheap, and that can be perfect for families on a budget. It means you still get to go away together and bond, but you don’t have to worry about the money as much. You’ll need to buy a few essentials, of course, but a lot of it can be hired including a caravan. If you want to add to this, you can look at solar panels such as this product to make things even more budget-friendly.

Camping Is Great Exercise

Kids don’t get as much exercise as those from older generations do. So much work is done inside, and even communicating doesn’t involve going out to see friends. Instead, it’s all done online or through apps. Camping means that kids get to exercise while having fun and that keeps them fit and healthy. There are lots of different opportunities for exercise for kids when they are camping such as collecting firewood, hiking, swimming through a stream, or just running around and having fun.


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