There is nothing more annoying than sitting down to watch a TV show only to find the sound and picture is pixelated. It can leave you and your family in a bad mood and put a quick end to your TV and movie nights. This kind of TV problem is almost always caused by a disrupted TV reception signal. As well as distorting your picture, signal issues can also stop you receiving certain channels and affect the sound quality. While this can be caused by a number of factors, there are some universal things you can do to fix it. Take a look at these following suggestions and get back to your viewing in no time.

Check Your Signal Strength

No matter what satellite provider you use, there should be signal strength metre for you to access on your TV. This should tell you what the current strength and quality of your TV signal is. You can usually find this under the Settings option on your TV menu. If this indicates that you are receiving hardly any reception, turn off the box and your TV by the mains. You may want to unplug them too. Turn everything back on after a few minute and allow your TV a few moments to reboot entirely. If nothing has changed, try rescanning your channels list. It can also be beneficial to visit your neighbours home to see whether they are having any trouble too. If they are, the reception issues could be being caused by maintenance or bad weather rather than a technical concern.



Secure Your Cables

Sometimes something as simple as a loose cable can give you poor TV reception. So get behind your TV and ensure that all of the cables are securely connected to the correct ports.  You should also make sure that they are undamaged and in a good condition. Damage to cables is often caused by pets or water, and this could be why your signal isn’t getting through. Cables can also stop being effective if they are old. Replacing these old or damaged cables might be the solution to your problem.

Call an Expert

Sometimes your poor reception can be caused by a misaligned satellite dish. This can happen if the dish gets knocked or blown into another position by adverse weather conditions. If you think this might be the reason behind your lack of signal, don’t attempt to readjust the dish yourself. Contact an experienced repair service to come and do this for you. They can make sure this task is done safely, and they can also pinpoint why no satellite signal is being received. Your dish might be damaged, be facing the wrong way or there might be a loose connection that needs repairing. With their help and expertise, it shouldn’t take long for your TV signal to return to full power.

If you still continue to have issues after trying these simple fixes, contact your satellite provider. They should be able to offer advice and send a technician out to deal with your reception problem.

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