Being a dad makes for a busy life, but it’s all worth it in the end. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some tough times along the way. When you’re extremely busy, and the kids are demanding your attention, it can be hard to keep your head on straight. All dads need a bit of help to keep them from going around the bend. Fortunately, most dads these days have smartphones or tablets, which serve as portable toolkits that you can use to solve just about any problem. With the right apps, you can stop yourself losing the will to live when everything gets on top of you.

Apps for New Dads

Becoming a dad for the first time is nothing short of terrifying. It’s a huge moment in your life, and you can feel uncertain about it even long after it has happened. But if you’re a nervous first-time dad, there are plenty of apps that can help to ease your mind. Firstly, if you’re helping the mother of your child through a pregnancy, you can get apps like Pregnancy for Men, which serves as a useful guide. You can also get apps to help with the birth. When the baby arrives, there’s BabyShusher to help your little one get to sleep with white noise. Meanwhile, there are apps to help you stay on top of everything too, like laundry collection (check out ZipJet) and delivery apps (one click purchasing from Amazon).


Organisational Apps

Staying organised when you have kids can be tough. They have the tendency to throw everything into chaos. But you’re in luck if you like to use various apps to get organised. There are lots of ways to ensure you take care of all your responsibilities. When your child needs to be at their swimming class, you’ll know in advance every week because you can put it on your cloud-hosted calendar. When you need to book a last-minute restaurant table, you can use OpenTable to sort it out. And if you need to take orders from your other half, they can add to your to-do list on an app like HoneyDo.


Entertainment Apps

Being able to keep your kids entertained is vital, whether they’re six months or six years old. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is to simply hand them your phone. With a number of child-safe apps, they can happily enjoy themselves while you’re busy with something else. You can also put some phones in kids’ mode so they can’t do anything you don’t want them to. A move app such as ShowBox gives you lots of options, while some children’s games are fun too. Just watch out for anything with in-app payments. Alternatively, you can download the YouTube Kids app and set the filter to baby to see various videos that are suitable for young children.


Apps for Dad

Sometimes dad needs to relax and have some fun. Don’t forget the apps for you so that you can relax when you get a moment to yourself. You might have golfing apps, apps full of drink recipes, or fitness apps. Whatever you’re interested in, you should have some apps for your own entertainment and enjoyment.

The right apps can help you stay sane when you’re a busy dad. Choose carefully to avoid cluttering up your phone or tablet.

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