If you have more space in your game room, indoor games, such as ping pong, allow you to have a grand time right at home with your kids or friends. It’s easy to play, and you can take on your friends as a team of two or a single player. Either way, before you get there, it helps to set up the table the right way to ensure an exciting gaming experience. Unless you have the luxury of renovating or redesigning a tennis table space, making plans for your ping pong table is just critical. Read on to learn exactly how you can do it.

Consider the Size of the Table

The typical size of a ping pong table is usually 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. With this kind of table, you’ll need at least 6 feet behind each end line to enjoy the game. Essentially, you need enough room for multiple players and to prevent your bat from hitting the wall every time. For recreational purposes, an ideal room should be about 8.5m x 4m.

Also, you can try to compare your game room to the international recommended size, which is 14m x 7m. You also need to factor in the length of the table net, which is usually about 6 feet long. The game will be more fun and enjoyable if you have ample space to move around and support your range of motion.

Try a Training Robot

If you don’t have a playing mate, then a trying robot can be an ideal addition to your game room. The good thing is that you’ll need less room at the robot’s end, so you can have more space for yourself. Practice robots come in varied shapes and sizes, of course, with different prices, so it’s important to take the time in picking your ideal choice.

Some great examples of averagely priced training robots include Megaspin and Y&T V-981. There are also advanced options, such as Butterfly Amicus Professional and Practice Partner 100 (Y&T S-27), that are packed with different features. However, it’s advisable to just go for something that meets your training and practice needs.


Engage Your Kids

As a parent, games offer a great way to have some great time with your kids and family. Finding the best ping pong tables is all you need to do to get that done. Keep in mind that your kids can benefits from the fast reaction times and hand-eye coordination usually involved in the game. Plus, you’re teaching them a fun game that they can master while they’re still young.

You teach them the rules of ping pong, and all it’s needed for the game, including table, equipment. They can earn points for every win, or you can give them rewards. Typically, ping pong allows you to engage in a fun activity with your kids while keeping fit.

With these simple tips, you can now get a tennis table that best suits your game room. Whether you’re just training or adding a new game to your home, picking the right table helps to make the most out of the game. Ensure the table is levelled with no warping or bending.

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