Taking your kids out to the park or to parties is always tough. Girls and boys under 18 will always be your greatest critics when it comes to your dressing style and hair. If you want to impress your offspring, as well as their friends, you need to look the part. Unfortunately, the definition of a “cool dad” changes every day, and depends on the gender and age of your kids. There are, however, some general rules of looking cool in front of other parents and your kids’ friends. Read them below.


Look Smart But Not Too Smart

For young kids and teenagers, appearance is more important than for us, adults. Look for mens casual shirts instead of wearing something very smart. Don’t overdo it, and don’t look too serious. Don’t wear a tie or a tailored trouser, if you don’t have to. Teenagers and kids appreciate you more without the effort. They can connect with someone who is like them. Dress casually like teenagers, but always look smarter than them.

Read on Current Technology Trends and Slang

If you meet your child’s friends, they are likely to be talking Chinese. They will use words you might not have heard before and talk about apps and websites you have never heard of. It is time to visit a couple of teenage blogs and YouTube channels to get your knowledge up-to-date. This way, you will appear cool and knowledgeable about the topics your kids care about the most. Learn to speak the language of the tech generation so you can be considered one of them.


Set Up a Snapchat Account

Teenagers seem to be living their lives on Snapchat and other fast apps. If you have no idea how communication in the 21st century among teenagers work, you should try it. Snapchat is the most popular app among teenagers. If you try it yourself, you will at least have some idea of its benefits and attraction, and understand the mindset of today’s kids.

Play Their Music in the Car

One of the worst things you can do when giving your kids and their friends a lift in your car is playing old music. They will hate you for it. While you might be suffering, it is a good idea to let them choose the radio channel or stream their music from their phone on your car’s audio system through Bluetooth.


Give Them Space

The last, and most important thing you must do to look cool in front of your kids and their friends is to give them space. Don’t babysit them more than necessary. Drop them off at the cinema and pick them up, if they are old enough. Get them some bowling vouchers and let them enjoy each other’s company. Overprotective dads never look cool. If you think the kids need supervision, sit down nearby for a coffee and keep an eye on them, but give them some freedom and responsibility.


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