You might notice a few extra wrinkles and maybe some bags around the eyes. Nothing to worry about, you say, it’s to be expected because you’re not getting as much sleep as you used to. But then things get worse because you notice more hair is falling out. What’s left on your head seems to be turning gray and have we mentioned your belly? Slowly but surely you seem to be transforming into Jabba The Hut. It’s not just about how you look but rather how you feel. Suddenly, you always seem to be low on energy, and you struggle to get through even the smallest task. Does this sound familiar? Well, it’s the life of a parent we’re afraid, and it’s always going to be a struggle. But, there are ways to stay looking good while still being a great parent, always there for your kids. Let’s start by thinking about your skin.


Protect The Skin You’re In

One of the easiest ways to lose your looks faster as a parent is to not bother protecting your skin. Instead, you let it get burned, you sleep on your face through the night, and you eat a diet that ages it all too quickly. The first advice we’d recommend here is making sure that you are using sunscreen when you go outside. Aside from the threat of cancer every time you get a sunburn you will be aging your skin cells. You’ll make developing wrinkles far more likely, and you might even notice that the color of your skin starts to fade. Experts recommend that you use sunscreen, even when the sun doesn’t appear to be out. It could be the middle of winter and they still recommend you don’t forget about it.

Then there’s the diet. It’s fair to say that as you get older your body is less forgiving about what you consume. So, if you eat a lot of meals filled with fat and sugar it is going to show. You’ll start to see the effects on your body whether that’s blotches or pasty looks. Instead, you need to make sure that you are getting your five a day. Good news when you think about it because it will encourage you to keep your kids eating healthy too! If you’re looking for ways to get rid of the damage that has already been done, our best recommendation is celery. Celery while tasting disgusting, soaks up all the extra moisture underneath your skin. Due to this, it can make you look at least ten years younger. Celery also burns calories, but we’ll talk about that a little further down.

Finally, if we’re thinking about your skin we have to consider the face. Did you know you do a lot of damage to your face while you’re asleep? Most of us don’t sleep peacefully, looking like a perfect angel. Instead, we are sprawled out on the bed with our head glued to the cover and our skin stretched into an awkward position. There are two ways to deal with this problem. The first is again, related to your diet. You should start eating more bananas as this actually gives people a more restful night of sleep. Then, try to start sleeping in a comfortable position, lying on your back. Eventually, your body will get used to this, and you won’t be rolling over halfway through the night.


Dress To Impress

Be aware that dressing well is also going to change how you feel about yourself. The wrong clothes can drastically age you which is why you shouldn’t try and dress like you’re eighteen when you’re thirty or thirty when you’re forty. You have to try and age like a fine wine, becoming more sophisticated and classy. For instance, as you get older you should wear suits more, even if they are not necessary for your job. This will make you look distinguished and stylish. Also, make sure that you don’t let your hair grow out of control. Once a month you should get your hair styled. If you are starting to thin on top, this will help conceal it. You might also want to grow a beard. But again this can age you so think about this decision carefully. It might be better getting a fresh shave every morning with a great razor. If you have a look at a site like Manly Matters, they have a range of options on the right type of razor for you.


Hit The Gym Buddy

You might also want to think about adding some more exercise to your daily routine. Don’t get yourself into thinking that beer belly is to do with the way you’re standing. Face it, you have put on quite a few pounds, and you need to correct the situation as much as you can. To do this, you can consider signing up for a gym membership. It’s not a bad idea because the money draining from your account each month will encourage you to make the most of it. At the same time, though, there is an issue here. You might find that you just don’t have time to fit it in. Particularly, if you want to always use your extra time to be with your kids. If that’s the case why not include them in your exercise plans. Kicking the ball around the back yard will burn more calories than you think. You can also try activities such as family walks, bike rides, and other fun family adventures. If you do this, you’ll quickly see yourself getting back in shape. Little by little that belly will diminish. Who knows, you might even see the glimmerings of a six pack.

As you can see, then you don’t have to let your looks slide once you become a dad. You can still look great for years and smile at that handsome devil when you look in a mirror.


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