Sometimes, you need a whole back catalogue of tricks up your sleeve to keep your kids busy. This could be for any reason; you have a lot of work to do at home, you’ve got somebody coming round to fix the boiler, or it could just be raining. Whatever the reason you need a whole list of things to do with your kids, we’ve got you covered! Use these tips and tricks and your kids won’t have a minute to complain that they’re bored!

Make Games

Instead of just giving your kids some games to play, why not encourage them to make their own games from paper and card? This is a lot of fun and they can either replicate games they already know, or make up their own games entirely. They can then spend a good portion of the day playing with their new games. Genius!

Cook Something

Kids love getting crafty in the kitchen, but it totally depends on their age and skill level when it comes to what to cook. You can’t go wrong with baking, but if you fancy something different you could invite them to make their own lunch. Teach them how to make a sandwich or something. They probably shouldn’t use the oven alone unless they are at an age where they understand how to be safe with it.

Make a Fort

Forts are the best thing in the world to kids, but most of the time they get told off for making a mess. Forget the mess for now and let your kids have fun! They could make a fort out of boxes, large cushions, blankets, or all three! Give them whatever you have to hand and tell them to go nuts. They’ll probably spend the rest of the day in their little fort then!

Learn to Play an Instrument

If you have an instrument in the house, you could encourage your kids to learn to play. Tell them they could be a star if they practice enough! Some kids love to play with instruments, while others aren’t too fussed. You won’t usually need to be there while they’re learning; simply put some Youtube videos on for them and they can learn on their own! At the end of the day, they can show you what they’ve learned.

Write a Play

Your kids could write a play to perform for you at the end of the day. Give them a theme or a storyline if you like, and tell them how long it should be if they need a little guidance. You don’t want them to come to you after 10 minutes and tell you they’ve finished! This should take them a while.

Draw Something

Drawing is a really therapeutic activity, and it can keep kids quiet for some time. Give them plenty of drawing utensils to play with, from crayons to felt tips. Let them use their imagination, or if they’d like to draw something specific you can give them a book that will help them learn how. Youtube can be a good resource for this kind of thing too.

Have a Lazy Day

You don’t want to make a habit of this, but if you’re usually all on the go it could be nice to let your kids relax for the day. Tuck them up on the sofa with some snacks and their favorite film, and let them wear their comfy clothes all day long. This is a great idea for when the weather outside is terrible!

Make an Ornament

There are lots of ways to make an ornament, but my favorite is out of paper mache. The end result can look great and kids love to experiment with this stuff. Afterwards, they can proudly display their creation.

Felt Finger Puppets

Felt finger puppets are a lot of fun to make, and they can they write a play just for them if they like. All they need is felt of different colors and some googly eyes!

Make Some Mud

Kids love playing with mud, but it can get everywhere and mess up your house. Why not make some clean mud for your kids to play with? You can even make playdough and ‘flubber’ yourself at home if you have the right ingredients!

Customise Clothes

If your kids have old clothes that they no longer wear, see if they have a little fashion designer in them and encourage them to decorate them any way they like. You could even teach them a tie dye technique, although this could get messy!

Give Them an Empty Box

You’ve probably noticed that you spend a fortune at Christmas buying gifts for your kids, and a lot of the time they prefer to play with the boxes. Try giving your kids a large empty box and see what they can do with it. You could also give them a crayon and watch them be silent for hours!

Computer Games

Some people don’t like computer games, but as long as you don’t let them sit there all day they’ll be fine! There are plenty of great games and quizzes online, and if they get stuck there are sites like to help them. They should have a break after each hour they spend on the computer, and make sure you monitor what they’re doing!

Sew Something

Sewing can be a very rewarding activity, especially since their work can be mounted on the wall afterwards. There are special sewing kits for kids out there that allow them to sew their favorite cartoon character, for example. It’s also a good skill for them to learn ready for when they are adults! Just be sure you teach them how to be safe with a needle, and supervise them from time to time.

You probably already have a feeling about which of these activities will appeal to your kids and which won’t. You’ll usually only need a couple of them to keep them occupied all day long. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear them!

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