Few houses are perfect when you first move into them. The next time you find yourself buying a family home, it’s not too uncommon you might end up with a bit of a fixer-upper on your hand. But that’s never any reason for despair. All it takes is the right method and a bit of elbow grease. Even still, it can be a terrible fuss. So here’s how you make it easier to take down the fixer-upper and end up with your own perfect home.

Structure the job

The first thing you need to do is plan. Diving in head first can only end up with you feeling submerged by a seemingly endless list of chores. Instead, put together a DIY to-do list. Understand exactly what you have to do. Put the smaller tasks first, too. It might sound sensible to do the bigger ones first. But the feeling of accomplishment you get when you start ticking off tasks in no time can give you exactly the momentum you need to stay motivated.

Less hassle from your tools

It’s not just the tasks themselves that can add a bit of difficulty to it all. You might already have all the tools you need or you might have to start collecting them. All the same, it’s important you keep them organized. Fashion or buy a rack that you can keep them in and do an inventory check every time you finish a job. Keep track of them so finding the right tool doesn’t add more time to the task. Similarly, you can use things like cordless tools from Drills and Drivers and other vendors. It makes them a lot less of a hassle to handle.


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Enlist help

You need to be careful with this one. If you get in people who don’t know what they’re doing, their DIY ‘efforts’ can end up costing you even more time and money to fix. That said, there are some easy ways to get real help adding to your home. For example, Etsy Alchemy is a great way to get someone to help build you exactly what you need. If you need someone more local to help out, Craigslist can be a very useful resource. It might cost a bit but if it helps you get your home in shape quicker, it can be worth it.

The touch of home

Fixing the flaws of the house isn’t what’s going to turn it into a home, either. Remember to prepare yourself for additional work whenever that DIY to-do list is finished. Make the finishing touches you need. Simple touches like doing a bit of painting and finding a style to decorate the home. Make sure everyone in the family has their say. When it’s all done, start working on feeling ‘at home’ by throwing a party. Create some good memories to go along with a good home.

We hope the tips above make it a bit easier to work through all that DIY. Just remember what the goal is and you’ll end up at it before too long.

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