Whilst flicking through Facebook last week, I was given the option to share a fantastic memory from eight years ago. I was sat happily around a campfire at Glastonbury drinking with friends. As my finger hovered over the share button, I realised that I was currently wearing the exact same shorts, eight years later. This came soon after I was ‘advised’ to stop wearing my video game and movie mash-up t-shirts quite so regularly by my wife. The time had come to re-access my wardrobe.

Thankfully, I could call upon my friend Kat, who has working in the fashion industry for years and worked with such brands as Reiss, Jaeger and H&M, to name just a few. Kat jumped at the chance to update my wardrobe and give me a run down of fashion tips to help me dress my age.


Back To Basics

It’s time to shelve those comedy t-shirts and look for simple tees in a single colour. You can further show your maturity, by choosing better quality fabrics such as linen t-shirts and cashmere sweaters.

Novelty socks can be replaced by snazzy socks, which can be showed off with a turn up and a nice brogue (I had to look up what that was).

This smart casual look should now be your staple. There is no reason to look like a slob at the weekend, so feel free to take that smart casual look of the working week, into the weekend.

When it comes to trousers, I was thrilled to hear that I don’t have to wear drainpipes, but would benefit from some slim leg jeans. Similarly, I was told that dark and grey coloured jeans work well and chinos are a must for the thirty something.


Suits and Tailoring

Looking like a distinguished gent can set you apart from those still stuck in the past. Your mid-thirties is a great time to re-invent yourself and choose a style to stick with. Suits can be a key part of this wardrobe and if you can’t get a bespoke suit from scratch, do not be afraid to get one off-the-rack and have it taken in. Baggy suits may you look like a school boy at a wedding.

If you wanted, you venture further than wearing a simple tie, or ‘currently popular’ bow tie, why not try a collar bar, as an indicator that you are in-tune with modern styles.

Don’t be Afraid of Pink

Men of a certain age have been avoiding pink for some time now. However, the middle- aged man can take it back and use it as an accent colour to secure his manhood. Whether it’s a pink polo shirt, pink swimming trunks, pink tie or even a simple pink work shirt, it can look bright and summery, whilst helping to show off a tan. Just don’t wear all your pink at the same time.


Swimwear For Non-Surfers

In you are a surfer then the knee length board shorts might still work, but ultimately they make your legs look really short, so if you are just after some holiday wear, or a pair for the local leisure centre then check out this range of swimming shorts with draw strings that look fantastic. Again, keep it simple though.

A Shoe For All Seasons

Most men tend to have more than one pair of shoes. For me, it’s a pair of nice shoes, running shoes, casual shoes and sandals. However, my latest wardrobe refresher course has showed me that I need both a summer shoe and a winter shoe, so look at a canvas shoe for summer and a suede/leather shoe for winter.


Goodbye is the Hardest Word

The most upsetting part of my mid-thirties fashion update came in the shelving of my comedy t-shirts and the hanging up of my DC trainers. I have worn DC’s ever since I was 16 and my collection of comedy t-shirts is verging on epic, but now is the time to embrace this new phase of my life and look amazing doing it.

Overall, don’t panic, you are still the cool, party animal, skater or techno genius of your twenties, you have just evolved into the next version of yourself. Like Doctor Who, or Pokemon. For me, I want my Facebook memory in eight years time, to show a stylish man and grown up father, not a frugal and slightly desperate looking man clinging to his twenties.

What are your top tips from dressing in your mid thirties? Let me know and I will update this post in the future.

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