Do you want to know how reliant you are on technology and the internet? Well just wait until you next move home. When you move home, you’ll experience at least a few agonizing days in the new property with no internet. I can’t begin to tell you how unpleasant this can be. Do you want to watch TV? Well, you can’t because that runs through the internet now. How about surfing the web for information? You better hope your phone has a connection. Otherwise, you’ll certainly struggle. Ah okay, well I can at least watch my favorite movies? You can unless you’ve already made the switch to digital streaming. Do you see what I mean? We’re completely reliant, and that’s a problem. There are issues that can cause headaches with home connections and wifi to fail. In this post, I’ll have a look at the common culprits and hopefully, resolve the issues you’ve encountered.

On And Off, Off, And On

If your internet is constantly switching on and off at an alarming rate, I can help. You might find that you need to update your little hub. These hubs are not intended to be used for more than a few years. Your company probably has released an update or two without you paying attention. If it hasn’t, you might be able to use a third-party hub to power your internet. The internet provider near me has stated that this can be effective, but you’ll need to ask your internet provider about this. Some make it incredibly difficult to use different hubs when you buy internet from them. Call them up, have a chat, and find out whether there are any restrictions. If there are, politely ask them to fix your connection. Remember, if you’re paying for internet that isn’t really working, you shouldn’t be expected to cough up the cash.


Fast Speed, Awful Bandwidth

You’ve paid for a super duper fast wifi broadband connection. You can’t wait to see how rapidly you can load up your favorite sports match. But there’s a problem, the internet is as slow as ever. In fact, impossibly, it appears to have gotten slower. This could happen for a number of reasons. First, it might not have anything to do with your internet at all. Instead, there’s an issue on the computer, and if it’s going at a snail’s pace, it’s probably a virus.

It could also be that someone else is putting pressure on the bandwidth. Using the internet on a device is sort of like turning on a tap while someone’s in the shower. They’ll either get scolded, or they will be desperately trying to bathe under a drizzle of water. It’s the same with the internet. If a user in your home is using a massive amount of space, the connection for you will be slower. You can rectify this problem with dedicated web hosting. It’s perfect if someone in the family is taking up a lot of the bandwidth. You’ll typically find it’s someone creating an entire city on Minecraft.


Weird Dead Spots

Lastly, you might find there are areas in your home where you don’t get any internet at all. This is quite common, particularly in larger properties. I suggest relocating the hub in your home and trying putting it a little higher up. If you do this, you should find the signal becomes a lot stronger.

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