So it turns out I’m allergic to Slimfast. All the weeks of itching all over was not due to using biological washing powder, but to the delicious diet shakes I was having on a daily basis. As I quit Slimfast mid-week I treated myself on Thursday and Friday to a Subway sandwich. Tasty as it was, it was expensive and double the calories of my previous lunches. I decided to switch to Weight Watchers soups for the following week to see if that helped.

Overall the numbers are positive as I have lost weight and even reduced my BMI. Sadly, due to my Subway and a weekend of normal food my body fat increased.  As the last couple of weeks have been quite busy I failed to write last weeks blog post so I am doubling up this week.

In addition to my new Weight Watchers soup diet I also decided to go without alcohol for a week to see the effect on my weight. This might not seem a big deal for most people but I drink every night and I have done for as long as I can remember. My average is around two glasses a wine a night, but that often becomes three more often than not. At the weekend I also have an additional gin and tonic so the thought of going without made me nervous, which is a worrying sign.

Amazingly I made it an entire week and I actually think it changed me a little… In the evenings I have been sticking to tea which was for the best as the girls had a bad week of sleeping as they both a colds.

The weigh in: (Week 9)

[column size=one_half position=first ]Weight:


Body Fat:


[column size=one_half position=last ]11st 10lb  -2lb

25.1 -0.8

19.5% +0.3


I am going to continue on my soup diet and attempt to go without alcohol whenever possible. As the Slendertone belt is now out of action due to overwork pads I need all the help I can get.

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