iPhones don’t come cheap, and yet many people take risks with them daily. These risks lead to a completely obliterated iPhone, and an expensive repair bill. That’s even if it can be fixed! Here’s how most people completely obliterate their iPhones…

Drop Your iPhone On The Floor

Sometimes, you can drop your phone on the floor from a great height, gasp, pick it up, and marvel at how strong and sturdy it is. You can boastfully compare it to the Nokia 3310, which was truly the indestructible phone of yesteryear. You can tell all of your friends how lucky you are. You can then drop it from a much shorter distance, get too cocky, and realize you’ve cracked the screen into millions of tiny pieces. Damn. Avoid dropping your phone on the floor. Using it while stationary is the best way to do this. Typing as you walk could cause a lot of trouble!


Drop It In Water

Dropping your iPhone in water will quickly kill it. Unfortunately, it won’t evolve and become indestructible like a gremlin. You could quickly fish it out, put it in a bag of rice overnight and hope for the best, and you might just be able to bring it back to life. But you might not be that lucky. Avoid dropping it in water by keeping it away from pools, baths, the sink, and the toilet. These are all common places to drop your iPhone.

Spill Your Drink On It

For some reason, people make a nice drink, settle down and the decide to pour it all over their iPhones with their elbows or something. Don’t put your beverages and your valuables close to one another for the best results.


Sit On It

Your iPhone isn’t a cushion. Why then, do so many people think it’s a good idea to sit on it? Don’t put your iPhone in your back pocket and sit down. Don’t put it on your chair or bed and forget that it’s there. You could easily end up with an expensive repair if you do this. You can take a look here for more info.

Let Your Child Play With It

If you have a child, a niece, a cousin, or somebody of a young age, let them play with it if you have no concerns for your iPhone’s safety. They might try to eat it. They might try to play catch with it. They might even flush it down the toilet. Only let them play if you’re going to be watching them.


Leave It On Your Car Roof

They should start installing iPhone holders as a standard feature on the roof of cars, the amount of people who decide to leave it there. This most commonly happens when filling up the car with your phone in your hand. It likely won’t stay put when you drive off, so avoid putting it here.

There you go. Do these things if you’d like to completely obliterate your iPhone. If you don’t want to do that, don’t do these things. Thanks for reading!

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