Get it? It’s because a lot of the time men take a lot of pride in how their hair looks, both on top of their head and anywhere else. Everyone likes to look good, and your personal style is going to differ from person to person, so don’t be worried if you don’t fit the usual mold. However, sometimes we can let it slide without noticing, and staying on top of our game sometimes requires being able to look in the mirror and catch us good looking! Here are a few handy home tips for styling and grooming yourself.

Look After Your Head Hair

Keeping your natural hair looking silky smooth and covering all of your scalp is easy when you know how. Wash regularly, but not too regularly as to wash out the oils you need to keep it healthy and use this venture as an excuse to eat more protein. Have some more eggs for breakfast or meat at dinner, and try out some fish on Wednesday nights for the essential oils they contain.

Don’t be ashamed of requiring a hair transplant, as hair loss can strike men more than women at any time. Male baldness can be tricky to navigate, so don’t blame yourself for seeking solutions.

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Taking Care of Your Beard

It’s a truth that’s widely acknowledged that a beard can make a man more attractive, but it’s not a law that you need to grow one. However, if you do have one, taking care of it can take a little maintenance.

Make sure you shampoo and condition it when you’re in the shower, and give it a good trim every now and then to keep it growing straight and healthily. You can do this yourself for a little more control, or get a professional cut once or twice a month; it always makes you look great when you have someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Beards can also cause acne beneath their surface if you’re prone due to the hairs holding oils and bacteria, consider using an acne face wash if you suffer from it.


Sculpting Your Chest Hair

When we wear a shirt, sometimes other people can get a little peep of what’s underneath, and depending on your viewpoint that can be a good or bad thing. When it comes to taking care of your body hair, there’s a whole world of styles out there that men like to indulge in. Take a peek at a few of these:

There’s the standard ‘tree’ style, in which hair tapers out along your midsection, and branches across your chest like nature intended. It’s perfect for all weathers, so you won’t overheat in summer, and is very easy to keep chiseled to perfection. On the other hand, there’s also the idea of having ‘top heavy’ chest hair, in which you let it collect across your upper chest and shave it off elsewhere. This is a good look for someone who doesn’t get a lot of hair growing along your body, and makes sure you’ve got some protection there in the winter.

So brush up, or over, on tips when it comes to taking care of your hair.

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