Being a father is a wonderful thing. You get to watch your children laugh and grow, and hopefully become great adults who achieve all their dreams. The problem is, though, that you blink and they’re all grown up! That’s why you need to document their childhood while parenting. It’s not enough to just take too many photos that no one will ever go through them all and appreciate, though. You need to sort through these photos – you need to create an effective time capsule of their lives that your loved ones can go through and enjoy.

Memories fade. Photographs and videos can make them clearer. That’s why you need to follow this guide:


Sort Through Content

You have probably already taken hundreds if not thousands of photos of your children. These photos, however, can just become a mess if you keep too many of them. That’s why you should sort through them. That way, you can create great albums and time capsules for you and your loved ones to revisit. This means choosing the best of the best. You could make it a rule where each event – say a day out, or a birthday – only has 30 photos in the album. You are more than welcome to keep them all, of course, but for the sake of those who would be going through the album, keep it short.

Another benefit to creating these small albums is that it forces you to choose the absolute best images that encapsulate the day or event. You can also print these photos out, and give them as presents to your parents!

Keep Posting on Social Media to a Minimum

Social media is tricky, because the entire nature of the tool is to use it to share with your friends and family the things that are important to you. The problem, however, is that most people have hundreds if not thousands of ‘friends’ that are nothing more than acquaintances on their social media. Not only is oversharing not appreciated, it can also be dangerous. This is especially true when you post photos of your children. Another angle that you should be aware of is whether your children want you to post those photos at all.

A good compromise to this conundrum is to use a fun photo collage template. That way you can post a photo to social media that sums up an event you want to share, but also doesn’t overshare. Just make sure that your kids are okay with the photos of them being up! They are one of the first generations that will have their childhood photos on the Internet, and have a right to what photos and information about them exits on the Internet.

With the convenience of our phones and digital photography, every parent takes photos. Sorting through these photos so that you can share key moments of your child’s life, instead of every second, however, is important. Create albums or collages to share with your loved ones, and share the best of your memories and your child’s development.

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