As Christmas gets ever closer, you might be starting to think about – and possibly worry about – what gift you should get your partner that he or she is really going to love, and that means something important. It’s fine to buy socks, jewellery, shaving stuff, DVDs, and other smaller items, but if you want to really impress and, even more importantly, make them happy which, after all, is what we always set out to do as much of the time as possible, then searching for that ideal gift can take a long time and cause a lot of stress.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are some wonderful gifts that you can give your partner that will mean a huge amount and make them incredibly happy, many of which won’t even cost you very much (if anything at all). Here are just some of those ideas so that you can make a start on that all-important Christmas shopping.

Quality Time

One of the ultimate gifts to give your partner at Christmas or any other time is the gift of quality time with you. If you’re like many other people, there just never seems to be enough time to do anything together, especially when you have been a couple for a long time. There might be the responsibilities of running a home, caring for children, work, school, or being a carer for friends and family. Whatever it is that is keeping you from going out and being with one another, having a great time, or staying in and really talking like you used to, something needs to be done.

If you want to give the gift of quality time, you need to arrange that time in advance. You may need to speak to your partner’s work colleagues or employer to arrange some time off, make sure there is a babysitter available, or cancel other plans to do it, but it is important to get it done. You can go out to see a movie and then talk about it over a meal. Perhaps you’ll stay in and play board games or read a book. Maybe you’ll go for a walk around the local park. Choose what works best for you and enjoy that time together, whether it’s a whole weekend away or a half hour just outside your own front door.


Know Them Well

If you want to give a physical gift that is going to make your partner happy, you need to know them well. Listening is all-important; if you listen to what they have to say throughout the year, you’ll already have a good idea of the kind of things they would love to have. They may have mentioned a specific piece of jewellery in a store window – they’ll be amazed that you remembered it and went to the trouble of buying it for them. Perhaps they really wanted to see an art exhibition but missed out on tickets; a print from that artist will be a good alternative.

It could be anything from a custom bottle opener from this website because they mislaid their favourite, or tickets to see their favourite band play. The gift itself is almost less important than the fact that you listened to them and made a note of what would make them happiest. This is the key point and what will make any gift a good one.

Alone Time

Just as it is good to spend time together, it is equally as important to spend time apart, and another excellent gift could be just that; the gift of alone time. You might offer to take care of the kids so that your partner can go to a class, for example. Or you could draw them a bath, making sure the tub is full of essential oils and there is a glass of their favourite drink, some soothing music, and a good book for them to enjoy. Perhaps their idea of amazing alone time is meditating – in which case, keep the house quiet and let them do that for themselves.


A massage can be both relaxing and sensual, and it can be a beautiful way for a couple to get closer together.

If you want to give your partner the gift of a massage then it is important that you watch videos or read up on how to do it so that you can relax them and have them enjoy the experience, rather than making things difficult for them to really get into because you are nervous and unsure, or because you are doing it slightly the wrong way. Take the time to learn the right techniques, and it will make this gift one that they will love. This can help your partner to relax, unwind and properly de-stress.

Be Nice

It might sound like a simple thing to do, and you might even think that you do it already, but it could be that there are times when you criticise your partner without even meaning to. Take a step back and think about what you are saying, and you could be shocked at the words that are coming out of your mouth without you even realising quite the impact they will have.

Therefore, if this is the case for you, you can give your partner the gift of ‘being nice’. Instead of criticising, praise them. Instead of complaining that they haven’t done something that you wanted or asked for, compliment them on the things that they have done. Slowly you will start to see the change in your relationship, and the less you complain and criticise, the happier your partner will be, and they will do more for and in the relationship anyway because they know they are valued. As simple as this idea is, it may take some time to get out of the habit of being critical, and it could take some hard work from you. However, the end results will be worth it.

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