Easter eggs have been in the shops for several weeks now. The shops are always ten steps ahead of the buyer when it comes to making purchases for the next celebration available. As soon as we bid farewell to valentines day, Easter eggs began to line the shelves all ready to tempt the more organised of shoppers.

The list of winners of the best Easter eggs of 2014 has been available for sometime now, but since we have just bought our own for family we thought you might like to see what Good Housekeeping decided made it to the top five positions.

The Top Five Easter Eggs of 2014

The Tesco Finest Medley of Flavoured Chocolate Easter Eggs £25

M&S Egg Nest £10


Waitrose Woodland Friends Hop the Frog £5


Bettys White Rabbit Egg £14.50


Harrods Lattice Egg £24.95


Now I am very sure that anyone reading this blog will have a family and therefore will not be looking to spend anywhere near the amount that some of these eggs cost, but it is interesting that the best Easter egg should go to Tesco. It is 1kg of chocolate eggs that fit inside each other rather like Russian dolls but at £25 it is certainly above our budget, but I would definitely welcome it if anyone chose to buy it for our family!
If you think £25 is a lot to pay, the Rococo milk and dark egg for £45 came in a 6th place!

Our Easter egg collection this year consists of a selection bought from our local Coop. And eggs include; The Disney Princess, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Peppa Pig. For the more discerning pallet we have opted for Cadbury’s and Green and Blacks, but our selection all sneak in at under a fiver. Happy buying, happy eating and happy Easter!

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  1. Gemma Button

    I am missing the hype of Easter so so much, I want Easter eggs, mini eggs, little fluffy chickens, you know the classic stuff, this post has just made me want it all more especially that egg from Harrods, wow!

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