Technology and gadgets; we are all obsessed with them. Whether it’s our smartphones, tablets or wearable technology, we all want a slice of the action. Tech has become so much more fun in the last few years. Whether we want it or not, we have it. And, it’s making life easier. There is so much technology in the world that often, we don’t know where to start.

All we know is that we want it all!

Gadgets and technology have gone hand in hand for years. But, there are some gadgets which are heightening the overall technological experience. These gashes are making the world of tech more enjoyable, more fun and easier to use.

Intrigued? You should be. Let’s find out more.


The Selfie Stick

Love it or loathe it, the selfie stick has become something of a phenomenon in the last 12 months. Many of us don’t even have a digital camera nowadays. As photos can be taken with our phones, and the zooming qualities and megapixels can rival the traditional snap and shoot cameras, it makes good sense to use our phones.  However, camera phone technology isn’t perfect. As such, the selfie stick has helped us to take more group shots, without ever missing a memory.

Not everyone is convinced. Here is why you need to change your mind. Take a look at these famous users of the selfie stick. If it’s good enough for Obama, leader of the free world, it should be good enough for you! The selfie stick is a great gadget, especially when you have kids. You never have to miss out on a family shot again.


Smart Watch Technology

Samsung. Apple. Sony. They are all in on it. The rise of the smartwatch has been met with some trepidation. But, the rise of wearable tech is not going anywhere! If you are not convinced, the smartwatch can be a great way to ensure that you are constantly aware of what’s happening, without having to be close to your phone. Not everyone can have their phones out at work. Sometimes, you may misplace it. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to live in the dark ages. Smart watches can ensure that you have a unique, funky looking timepiece that keeps you entirely in the loop.

Whether it is a mainstay or a passing trend remains to be seen. But, it sure is fun, and it has everyone talking.


Mon Baby

As a parent, you should never have to give up your tech. If you are something of a paranoid parent too; the Mon Baby device could help you be less, well, paranoid. It’s wearable tech for babies! The Mon Baby device links with your iPhone or Android phone to help you monitor your child and their breathing, sounds and sleep patterns.

So, instead of having a traditional, crackly monitor, you simply pop the device onto the baby’s baby grow and voila! You can observe your baby at all times. It’s always best to get your little ones starting young when it comes to tech and what could be better than the Mon Baby!


The Go Pro

Camera’s used to be pretty delicate and having lots of tiny hands eager to grab your DSLR can be a worry. Thankfully the Go Pro is the kind of camera that you are happy to hand to your children thanks to its amazing durability. The camera itself is also great under the hood as it has and fantastic capture rate and works well with smartphones.


Fly-X3: Motorized Phone Stabilizer

Designed around all the latest iPhones, the Fly-X3 boasts gyroscope technology via its stabilizing motor to keep your footage as stable as possible during hand-held video shoots. Very useful for budding videographers.


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