When you’ve finally convinced your son or daughter to take up that extra activity or sport, you probably feel a huge sense of relief. You’ve signed them up. They’ve got the kit, and they’re ready to leave your side to learn something new. You leave them at the club with a big smile on your face. Your little one is growing up, making new friends and gaining independence. They will become more fit and have a chance at doing well competitively. Your pride and joy is going to be team captain and earn a scholarship. Time for a celebratory beer!

Unfortunately, you have missed the real change that is going to occur now your kids are with the club. When you meet them after coaching, they have a little note in their hand. It is asking you for money, support, time and resources to keep the club going. As a parent, you are required to fundraise, pay for the laundry service and upkeep of equipment, come up with ideas to promote the club and do the driving to state events. That 2 hours of peace and quiet you thought you were going to get has turned into a weekly meeting with the other Dads to figure out who has to run the next cake stand.


Fundraising for a kids’ group or club needn’t be boring. There are some fun ways to get other parents and the whole community involved in supporting the club. Read on to find the top 4 fun ways to raise cash quickly.

  1. Fundraising organizations: There are professional fundraisers out there who organise everything for you. It may make a small dent in the money you raise to cover their costs. They can offer ideas and suggestions, or work with big brands to supply discounts. Goods and services to support your charity are all supplied, saving you time and trouble.
  2. Baking with the kids: This can be a great way to spend quality time with the kids too. It is an oldie but a goodie! Do it on a big scale in your school cafeteria. It can even be incorporated into one of the Home Studies classes. Have all the kids bring in the ingredients, and have fun baking cupcakes or cookies to sell at a school event or big match. If your community is generally open to it, try selling your cookies door to door.
  3. Movie marathon: Ask your local movie theatre to support this on a really grand scale. They can show movies on a theme as a marathon for a morning, and all proceeds can go to your club. If they aren’t able to be that charitable, then try putting on your own movies on your home system and inviting everyone over to watch. You can ask for donations for refreshments.
  4. Charity goals: Invite everyone at the club and local schools to join in a goal kicking as a fundraiser. You can ask a well-known athlete or sports star to be the goalie for a soccer kick-off. For every goal scored, the person doing the kicking contributes a dollar. This could be short-timed event or a longevity challenge.


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