There is an abundance of fashionable fathers around, and currently, the world has a number of male style icons who are doting parents too. In order to get that much-desired gaze or even to have a personal satisfaction regarding fashion, you need to maintain certain decorum; otherwise, you might go awfully wrong. Here are some fashion tips that can ensure that fathers never get it wrong and are always on the right track.

Having a diverse set of T-shirts

Having a diverse range of T-shirts can help in many ways. Regardless of all the emerging fashion trends in the world, nothing can ever go too wrong with a T-shirt.

Buying some T-shirts of several styles and designs automatically makes your wardrobe as interesting as your kid’s, if not more. Here are some of the types of T-shirts that are a must have –

  • Plain, no design – these types of T-shirts always have a sense of class about them.
  • Band T-shirt – Band T-shirts are becoming a trend again. It is a style that has been seen through the lenses of several fashion designers. Also, it can be a great way of expressing one’s personality!


Shoes are important!

It is widely understood that there are some key differences between boys and men. A pair of shoes may not be the most obvious one, but as the traditional saying goes – ‘you can judge the value of a man by his set of shoes.’

It is important to realise that this school of thought is still very much prevalent in the modern society. People see shoes as a method of computing someone’s net value – or assuming someone’s occupation or social status.

Hence, it is very important to invest in-  

  • High-quality dress shoes. Make sure that the professional look is outlined by some great shoes. It is a classic category of footwear that fits for almost all occasions.
  • Updating the sneakers catalogue. Buying as less as even one pair of sneakers or trainers a year can help in creating quite a collection of sneakers or trainers.

Provided they are sturdy and comfortable to wear, a pair of shoes is very important in outlining someone’s fashion sense.


Quality trumps quantity

Build a personalised and substitutable wardrobe with a limited number of quality options is much more important than having a plethora of poor choices. Taking the help of professional sites like touch of modern is a great way of staying informed about the current trends. Here are some of the items of clothing that can make any father stylish –

  • White or blue dress-shirts – Simple, ever likeable and always trending.
  • Plain and simple ties with dusky shades of navy, jade or pink. Patterned ties are a risk that could either pay off or appear horrendous.  
  • Jackets and shoes which match the rest of the wardrobe.

Being a father is a responsibility. Being a stylish father is a privilege that can be achieved by following some of these simple tips.

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