Being a parent can be challenging, especially when balancing work responsibilities. Juggling these two worlds can often feel like a tug-of-war, with one side demanding late hours at the office while the other calls for early returns home. The professional realm demands constant online connectivity, whereas the personal one thrives on offline, unplugged moments. As tensions escalate and stress levels peak, it becomes crucial to find ways to alleviate this pressure before it takes its toll. Stress not only strains familial relationships but also jeopardizes one’s professional standing. To combat this, I’ve curated seven practical tips to soothe stress and calm the chaos:


Indulging in a massage can be a luxurious escape from the daily grind. It’s a chance to unwind, relax muscles, and rejuvenate both body and mind. Finding a massage spa near me is as easy as Google search and can provide a convenient sanctuary to decompress after a long day.


Exercise serves as an excellent outlet for stress. Whether you’re jogging around the neighborhood or playing a game of squash, physical activity helps release tension and boost endorphins. Starting the day with a run can invigorate you, enhancing stamina and extending your productivity window.



When your head is spinning with work, life and everything in between, making your brain change lanes can help refocus and re-energize you. Some stress can be caused by a lack of direction or the feeling that your goals are getting further away. Enrolling in an online Udemy course or taking a class could give you the direction and motivation to break the cycle of stress.


Short breaks are like a release valve for the brain. Taking time to relax and think about something else will help to alleviate the building pressure. Whether you enjoy playing video games, frequenting a fun to play bingo site or even hitting the golf course, a short break may be just the distraction you need to come back refocused and less overwhelmed.



When everything seems out of control, it can help to bring order to the chaos. With so much going on, you can’t fix everything straight away, but by taking little steps you can take back control of your life. ‘Trello Boards’ are useful to organize your thoughts into easy to see groups, ‘To Do’ apps can help you define lists of tasks and deadlines and a ‘Family Goal Board’ can help you and your family map out what your true goals are. If you know WHY you are working so hard and doing so many things, it may give you the motivation to power on through. Similarly, by having lists and boards, you feel a little more on top of your situation.


Motivational videos are everywhere on YouTube and listening to them first thing in the morning, whether in the shower or on the way to work, these videos can pump you up, increase your self-worth and get you in just the right mindset to tackle the stressful day head-on.



One of the best solutions to stress has to be the simplest, put simply – take a break. You are no use to your friends, family or place of work if your head is about to implode. Whether it’s a day trip, a luxury weekend away or a forest walk, it’s time to escape and take a strategic break in order for you to reset and come back refreshed. Just make sure that the break has a start and end date so you can appreciate every minute before returning to tackle the craziness.


In the famed book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, the Martians (aka men) deal with stress by retreating into their cave. They close off all forms of contact until the problem is solved. By contrast, the Venusians (aka women) share their problems using discussion and affection. When the Martians and Venusians work together they become stronger. As a Martian, do not be afraid to share your problem with friends, colleagues or your wife. They will not think any less of you and you will find that the solution often presents itself.

These tips are not only useful when you are stressed, but also a great guide to enjoying life itself. 


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