I don’t suppose you’ve watched the ‘Back To The Future’ series of films lately? I have. You know what I noticed? There are so many inventions from that series that actually came true in the real world. Many of them have only started to spring up in recent years, so who knows what else is set to arrive in the future?

Let’s take a look at a few fascinating inventions that we’re using in real life scenarios today.


Fingerprint Recognition

Throughout ‘Back To The Future,’ fingerprint recognition is used in multiple ways. In recent years, we’ve also been using it for a variety of reasons. Locking access to confidential rooms is one, but a more common one is to unlock our phones. Fingerprint scanners are no longer seen as ‘amazing’ by many, but it’s certainly amazing that Back To The Future predicted them!


Hands-Free Gaming

There’s a scene in the film series where Marty McFly plays an arcade game. Others watch on and make sarcastic comments about the need to actually use your hands to play. While gaming hasn’t become totally hands-free, this type of technology has been implemented. Microsoft’s Kinect is particularly notable, offering games that only need motion detection to function. With the rise of virtual reality in recent times, who knows how long it’ll be before we don’t use our hands at all?!



While we might not have reached the point of having personal drones on a wide scale, that time will surely come. ‘Back To The Future’ predicted that we’d be using drones for a number of reasons, including capturing images. Well, that latter part has definitely come true, as YouTube videos are populated with drone captures. Drones are still in their infancy, and their potential has far from been realized to this day. We expect plenty of them will be flown on Christmas Day this year.



Of all the things that you wanted to come true when you watched ‘Back To The Future,’ this is the one, right?! Whilst the hoverboards that have become a regular feature on today’s streets are not quite the hoverboards from the film, its a start. There are loads of different types on the market, as you can see if you click over here. This is also a technology in its infancy, and it’s easy to predict just how popular it’ll be in years to come. Also, with Hendo now working on their second itteration of their hoverboard, it’s only a matter of time.


Video Phones

There’s a scene in the series where Marty McFly gets fired from the comfort of his own home. This happens via a video conference system that connects multiple people to a video chat. While today’s technology isn’t exactly as it was imagined back then, it’s actually much better! The rise of Skype, Facebook Live and much more has given birth to a wealth of possibilities. We take the ability to talk on Facetime for granted, but it’s an incredible luxury for us to enjoy.

Of course, ‘Back To The Future’ didn’t get everything right! But, considering it first began back in the 80’s, the filmmakers deserve a lot of credit for their futuristic vision.

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