Overwhelmed, that is what you can feel as a parent, but add the stress of moving from one house to another on top of that at you really have got a critical situation. Of course, that doesn’t stop thousands of families with young children moving all the time. So how do they do it without losing their marbles? Read on to find out.

Happy kids = happy move

When moving home, the kids really need to be a priority, as if they aren’t happy then the whole thing is going to be a million times harder. So before you start to worry about packing up boxes and clearing out the attic take some time to talk to the kids about how they are feeling.

Remember, for them the house you are leaving may be the only home they have ever known, making a move a pretty scary and emotional thing. So check-in and see how they feel, and discuss what you can do to make the transition easier.

Some ideas for this can include letting them pick out the decoration of their new bedroom, or a climbing frame for the new garden. It may even be useful to arrange a visit before you move in so the kids can get an idea of where they are going. Something that can decrease their anxiety about the situation.

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Don’t be a hero

Now, to your little ones probably think you are a superhero, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to be one in real life. So think carefully before you start lugging around heavy pieces of furniture on your own. After all, starting a new life in your new home with dad laid out because he has hurt his back isn’t going to do anyone much good.

So, instead don’t be afraid to ask for some help either from professionals like myBekins moving companies or TMF f you are looking for Essex removal companies. Alternatively, you may hire a man and van in Birmingham, or wherever your location is, or find willing friends and neighbours with the more difficult stuff. Then you can ensure you will be in tip-top form during the move. Something that will allow you to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.


Do the kid’s rooms first

Once you have arrived at the new property it a great idea to get the kid’s room unpacked and sorted first. This is because, not only does it show them that they are important, but it also gives them a familiar environment to relax and go to sleep in that night.

Something that is pretty essential if you are going to want decent nights sleep enabling you can get up refreshed and crack on with the rest of the unpacking that needs doing.


Create a positive experience

Lastly, remember kids tend to associated places with positive or negative experiences, so making the first week or so in the new home as positive as possible can really help them settle in much quicker.

With that in mind a trip out to a local restaurant for dinner, a get together with some of the new neighbor kids, and some fun in the park can help break up the intensity of unpacking and help the little one to associate fun and happiness with their new surroundings. Remember happy kids means a happy move, and a happy move mean sanity for mom and dad!

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