All your family members are looking forward to a grand vacation. Unfortunately, the most amazing vacations are usually the most expensive. Saving money for a wonderful vacation is possible if you start early. Below are a few ways to get extra money for your next family vacation.

Involve Your Children

While you are doing your best earning money for your next vacation, the children should help you do it. If they get weekly allowances, they can put away some money for the vacation.

Holidays with children are always more expensive. That’s why your kids should take an active role in preparations. Older children can help you earn money by babysitting or freeing you from some chores so you can take on extra work.

Create A Change Jar

If you are not a big credit card user, this method is wonderful for your family. Every time you make a purchase and get small change, don’t spend it. Bring it home and put it into a jar.

When you can, throw some bills in there as well. In several months, you can save a substantial amount of money while not feeling the toll it takes on your pocket. It will not be enough to pay for the whole vacation but will definitely be a great help.


Set Up Automated Transfers

This method is similar to the change jar option. It works for credit card users. You can set up an automated transfer payment on your checking account.

Every month, a certain amount will be transferred from your checking to your savings account. If you want to save the money fast, ask the bank to transfer at least 10 percent of each paycheck to the savings account. As long as you are not involved in the process, the money will be adding up on a regular basis.

Choose Proper Vacation Timing

Timing your vacation wisely allows you to save much more money. Many destinations are much more expensive during the peak season. For example, summer and school holidays should be out of the question.

Consider taking your kids out of school for a couple of days in September while the weather is still grand but the prices are starting to plummet.

Look For Good Deals

Challenge yourself to buy everything you need only when there is a deal. Different stores have different deals at different times. That’s why it’s very easy to buy things cheaper. All you have to do is research and download a few useful coupon apps.

By taking advantage of even the smallest deals, you can save a substantial amount of money for your vacation. If you are planning a big purchase, such as a car, put it off until after the vacation.


Consider All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts allow you to save a lot of money on food and entertainment. If you read the list of offered services, you can understand whether the resort is worth the money that you are paying.

In most cases, all-inclusive resorts help you save substantial amounts of money, especially if you are taking your kids. Some of them offer free amenities for children. Just make sure you know the difference between a family-friendly resort and an adults-only all-inclusive before you book.

Create A Special Vacation Account

Creating a vacation bank account will simplify the saving process. When you have money in your checking account, you are bound to spend some of it without even noticing.

If you have a special “sacred” account that you can’t use until the vacation time comes, you are more likely to actually save something. Just make sure you are serious about not touching the money.

If you take advantage of an online bank, it will be less tempting to withdraw the funds.

Spend Less Money On Snacks and Fast Food

Families with kids spend huge amounts of money on snacks and fast food. Cutting back on these expenses won’t just allow you to save some dough for your next vacation, it will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, you can buy more groceries in bulk and do a little more cooking rather than buying frozen dinners and such.

When you go to the grocery store, always have a list with you. Make it a rule not to buy anything extra. Alternatively, you can allow yourself to buy “not more than 2 or 3” things that are not on the list.


Cut Down Your Gym Expenses

Gym memberships can be quite expensive. Working out at home can create the same effect for much less money. All you have to do is invest in a jumping rope, a mat, and a couple of dumbbells.

There are plenty of free videos available online to help you exercise at home. If for some reason you have trouble focusing at home, wait for the best gym membership deal instead of paying full price for it.

Arrange a Yard Sale

Every person has hundreds of dollars’ worth of useless stuff at home. You do too! Spend a weekend or two going through the closets and putting aside the stuff you don’t need. You can either sell these things online or arrange a good old yard sale.

While it might take some time, you can end up with a lot of cash. Get your children involved in the cleaning and selling process.


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