No one wants to see their children grow up, do they? However, they do grow up, and that means something cool happens. You can turn your kid’s playroom into an awesome teenage hangout. This is good for a couple of reasons; firstly you can reclaim your living room. If they have a cool space to hang in, then they can keep out of yours! Secondly, you can spend your time in their playing with all the cool stuff you bought, pretending you were just an awesome Dad. So, what do you need to create the ultimate teenagers (and dads) room?

Firstly you are going to need some kind of gaming center. These days it doesn’t seem enough that they have a Playstation, they need an Xbox and a Wii too. If you can then create them an area where they have access to whichever gaming consoles they own. Mum will probably be pleased if they are all moved from the adult living room, so make their place really special. You will need a PC too so they can do their homework, of course, if you are building a new PC, you should check out these best gaming monitors. It will be perfect for the kids to have an up to date work area but probably appreciated more when they are playing World of Warcraft.


If you want to create a room that everyone will enjoy, it’s worth putting in some retro gaming. A football table or table tennis can be fun, or you could find some old pinball machines. This retro feel might just encourage them off the electronic games and get them partying. And you can head in to enjoy some quality time with them!

Furniture wise you may want to think about a modular sofa. This is the best way to cope with scores of people and as it curves around a corner, it means that everyone can see the telly and you can squeeze more people on. Chances are if you have a good teenage room, you are going to be keeping a lot more than just your children entertained. With this in mind, you may choose to go with hard flooring and throw in a fridge so you can fill it full of snacks to keep them out of your kitchen!

Finally, when it comes to the walls, you can go wild. How about using Blackboard paint for one entire wall, your kids will love putting their stamp on this room and blackboard means you can change it whenever you like. If you are brave, you could let the kids loose with a spray can, although that might need a little bit of supervision and a lot of guts!

Creating a room the children can enjoy as they grow into young adults will be a great fun experience and, while it will give them a little more freedom, you can be sure it will bring them that little bit closer to you too. Of course, you may want to consider turning the garage into a teenage den. And using soundproofing. Lots of it!


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