For children, a home brings about a sense of stability. If you think back to your childhood memories, a lot of them probably took place in your family home or the places you knew as home back then. It is where they foster some of their most important relationships with you as parents as well as siblings and other family members. For this reason, the home front should be a place that they enjoy being in. As a parent, you can make this possible by making a conscious effort to transform your house into a home. Here’s how you can make your home one that your kids will love.

Be Present

It is understandable that in this day and age, parents get really busy. Finding the time to attend to kids usually means you have no time left in your day and little energy as well. However, it’s necessary that you find the time to be fully present in your kids’ lives if you want them to feel a sense of home. Find a few ways that you can be more present below.

  • Show them attention- Just because you happen to be physically with your kids, that doesn’t mean that you’re fully present. In light of this, try to show them more attention by interacting with them throughout the day and involving them in what you’re doing. For instance, you could wash dishes with one another or get them to help prepare dinner.
  • Engage in fun activities-Aside from attention, another way to be present is to engage in fun activities. By doing this, you’re able to create memories for your kids that help them feel grounded and like a part of something special. Come up with creative ideas with your kids and use your imaginations in the process.
  • Schedule in time-If you want to be fully present in your kids’ lives, instead of giving them leftover time when you have it, schedule in quality time with them. Make sure they have your undivided attention and you communicate to strengthen your bond. You should also note that research suggests that it’s the quality of time you spend with them and not the quantity that counts.

Give Them Stability

In order to make your home one that kids will love, you should try giving them stability. This is important for kids as it helps ensure they’re able to develop and make vital connections during their growing phase. One of the ways that you can achieve this is by avoiding moving around too much as well as other unexpected changes.

A consistent home may also help, so if possible, think about choosing a house you can stay in long-term. Additionally, getting insurance on your home can help ensure that in the case of a downturn of events, you’re fully covered. If you take a look at Insurance Geek you’ll be able to compare insurance plans and choose one that’s best for you.

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Allow them to Be Themselves

Encouraging kids to be themselves is another way to make your home one your kids love. When they’re young, they can be amenable so having a place that they can freely and safely express themselves is necessary. This means not criticising or judging them and encouraging their ideas and opinions no matter how abstract they are.

By doing this, you’re also building your children’s self-esteem and raising more confident kids which is necessary to prepare them for life in the real world. Ultimately, your home should be the one place they feel safe to be themselves.

Let Them Leave Their Mark

When kids are able to contribute to the environment around them, it can make home feel like it’s theirs. For this reason, think about how they can leave their mark whether it be by designing their own room, adding a painting to the living room, or giving them their own responsibilities. If they’re young, make sure you give them age-appropriate responsibilities like organising their backpack every day or putting away their laundry.

Homes are often filled with warm memories, sentimental moments and love. By filling yours with these things and more, you can easily make it one of your kid’s favourite places in the world to be.


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