Improve your online casino experience even further with live table games. These casino games can be played on your own desktop, tablet or mobile devices give you the most realistic casino experience without physically being at one.

This is one of the latest breakthroughs in online gaming that has proven a massive hit among casino players. Anyone who questioned the integrity of online casino games should no longer have any fear as they can see and interact with the dealer and croupier.

There are no free versions of these games for obvious reasons – these games can only be played for real money. That shouldn’t put any player offer though as the live table games start from as little as £0.10.

Many online casinos have introduced these in recent years. You can check one of them out for yourself here:

Some of the main attractions of the live games are as follows:

  • Bonus games and side bets
  • HD quality live streams
  • On-screen stats and quick bet buttons
  • Secure servers and fair games

The live table games that are currently available are as follows:

3 Card Brag

A 16th century card game that is somewhat similar to poker. It does have a different betting style and hand rankings than poker though. Each player is dealt three cards face down ahead of a single round of betting. Each player has the opportunity to bet or fold with betting continuing until there are only two players left. Then the two hands are revealed and the player with the stronger hand takes the entire pot.


A card game that is played between two hands; the player and the dealer. Each round of play has three possible outcomes – either the player wins, the dealer wins or there is a tie. The winning odds are in favour of the dealer with a house edge of around 1%. Aces are worth one point, Cards 2-9 are worth face value whilst tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth zero. The highest score wins.


The classic casino game where the aim is to get a score of 21 on your cards or as close to that score without going over. The dealer must stand on any score of 15 or above. Players can split pairs.

Casino Hold’em

The closest game you’ll get to playing poker at a live table game online is Casino Hold’em. This offers the standard ante bets as well as up to six bonus prizes. High rollers and rookies can play at the same table. This game has stakes, bets and features to suit your playing style.


One of the easiest casino games for anyone to understand, Hi-Lo is a game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice. Craps is the only other casino game that involves dice but is different to Hi-Lo. In this game every roll on the dice results in a win or loss.


Watch the dealer spin the wheel and ball in live roulette. A very popular attraction among the live casino games is roulette. This game offers players plenty of time to interact with the dealers whilst the ball is spinning around the wheel and whilst other players are making their bets.

Spin a Win

Similar to roulette, Spin a Win involves prediction, luck and fun. Keep your eyes on the wheel and you could end up winning some serious cash. Each number represents its payout. For example, a win on a bet of 40 gives you a payout of 40:1, whilst a win on 5 gives you 5:1.

Whichever game you fancy playing you’re sure to be in for a great time with live table games as they do an excellent job of recreating a real casino experience without having to show up to a land-based casino in person.


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