We all know the daily struggle of motivating the kids to ditch the technology and dive head first into school, with as much enthusiasm as possible. When they still moan about getting up or seem uninterested with the whole idea, it’s easy to feel guilty that you’re not doing enough. With the high expectations put on kids nowadays, from even the first few days at school, it’s becoming even more important for parents to ensure they are preparing and motivating their kids for the classroom. Here’s a few tips that should help you get your kids ready for school next term.

Allow Your Child to Follow Their Passion

It’s easy to encourage kids to follow the academic subjects in order to equip them with the best future possible, but you have to remember that everybody’s interests and strengths are different. So instead of worrying about your child’s weaknesses and pushing them into a subject not tailored to their skillset, encourage them to follow their passion whether that be music, sport, drama, writing, or science. You’ll find that when doing something they enjoy and are good at, kids will relish learning much more and succeed in what they do.


Hire a Private Tutor

Every child has to complete the core subjects, and in order to lay down a good marker for the future, it is important that they get the best grades possible. When kids find a subject tough or are getting down by not achieving the best grades, why not hire a private tutor to boost their confidence. Companies like Fleet Tutors offer great private tuition and are committed to ensuring that your child reaches their full potential along with building their confidence and overall happiness in learning. It’s a great opportunity to invest in your child’s future and improve their outlook on school and learning.


Keep Your Kids Active During the Holidays

It’s easy to let your child forget about school during long holidays as they work so hard throughout school terms, but this actually makes it harder for them to get back into their studies upon returning to school. Problems such as summer learning loss are a real concern for education bosses, and the holiday structure is often considered for changes. In order for you to keep your child in the learning mind set and minimise the learning loss, make sure you set your child small learning tasks and get them involved in activities provided by schools or organizations over the holidays. This way you’ll avoid the dreaded blues when it’s back to school time.

The most important thing when helping your child to do better at school is to instil a positive and motivated mindset. This can be done by following the ideas above such as private tutoring, unconditional encouragement and getting them involved in as much as possible. During the holidays make sure you balance time preparing for next term along with having some fun, good luck!

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