In todays world of ubiquitous smartphone penetration and expansive internet access, the world of commerce has naturally migrated onto the World Wide Web. Its an incredible platform for selling your goods to an international clientele, but its also become a highly competitive marketplace. In order to make your own e-commerce store really stand out from the growing crowd, youll want to streamline its design, application and UX journey to produce a store thats utterly frictionless. This article maps out how you get there, and the benefits youll enjoy once youre there.

Marketing Your Store

The first step is to get people into your URL in the first place. This is usually a case of marketing your brand and your store over a number of web channels. Most small or starter stores will either register with eBay, Amazon or another large selling platform, and slowly build a base of sales through that. Or else, social media marketing and sites such as Etsy and Pinterest are great for getting your product in the public eye. Youll need to establish a critical mass of visitors before you can move onto the next streamlining step.

Nailing Your Web Design

The adage goes ‘you only notice bad design.’ What this means is that if your online store is made well enough, customers will glide through the buying process without even noticing theyre using a designed infrastructure – itll feel effortless. This effortlessness is a huge boon for stores that are looking to streamline their e-commerce store, as it gives the consumer little chance to drop out of their decision to purchase. Theyre guided quickly and easily to the point of purchase, with no frustrating redirections of malfunctions. Its crucial you tailor your web design to be as frictionless in the POS as possible.


Aligning Your Systems

All web design essentially consists of the code behind the HTML site that youre displaying. Inside this code, embedded, are the additional systems that you can bring in to further streamline your sales mechanism. Its here that youre able to inject further benefits to your code. Youll be able to partner with e-commerce professionals such as those at Blackbelt Commerce, wholl help you implement effective changes in your online stores algorithmic underpinnings. From sales software to analytics, having these third parties on board will further streamline your online store.

Be Reactive

The best way to mold your operations to the prevailing winds in the e-commerce world is always to be reactive. Monitoring current trends and design styles is something you should always be doing and, alongside monitoring your own sales data, youll be able to plan for a more streamlined future. Sales data can be incredibly important in generating further sales to increase your profits. Itll show you where you should target to achieve a higher click-through rate, helping you bring in more custom thats likely to purchase products from your store. Work with third parties here if necessary.

This article looks at just four ways in which you can streamline your e-commerce site for a more efficient and profitable future.

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