You and your child may not be as close as you once thought you’d be, and this fact might bother you. Be glad to know there are practical ways for how you can quickly grow a deeper bond with your child and get to a better place.

The upside to your efforts will be that you’ll likely encounter less stress and strain between the two of you and not get into as many arguments. You’ll begin to appreciate one another’s company and presence and be able to understand where you’re each coming from. This new perspective and viewpoint will enhance your family life and create more joy in both of your lives.


Spend Quality Time Together


One of the most important tips for how you can grow a deeper bond with your child is to spend quality time together. Go out and partake in fun activities or cook dinner together when you have the chance. Don’t let the opportunity to spend more hours with your son or daughter pass you by. It may require you to have to create more work-life balance in your days and not be so tied down to your job, which will be a healthier lifestyle to live anyways. Come up with a list of ideas for what you each want to do and then start crossing them off one by one as your schedule allows.


Connect on Their Level


You can also grow a deeper bond with your child by connecting on their level. For example, you can learn more about how you two can bond over vintage lunch boxes as a way to get to know one another better. Kids love lunch boxes and you likely have a lot of stories to share with them regarding what’s actually printed on these vintage items. What you need to do is find common ground and not try to push each other’s ways on the other. Instead, find out what it is that you both find interesting and allow your relationship to grow and develop over these sorts of subject matters.


Be A Good Listener


Ultimately, your kids want to know that when they’re talking to you, you’re listening. They’ll have the desire to want to come to you and share details about their life with you when they know they can count on you to take these conversations seriously. Open up your ears to them and take in all they’re telling you without trying to give them advice right away. Grow a deeper bond with your child by showing them respect in your interactions and not automatically assuming you know what’s best for them because you’re the adult. Hear them out and make sure they want your opinion before giving it.


Communicate Clearly with Each Other


You and your child constantly yelling at one another will put a wall up between the two of you. It’s in your best interest to learn how to clearly communicate with one another so you both can get on the same page. Speak in a calm tone when conversing and try not to talk over the other so you can both accomplish this goal. Try to get your emotions under control before approaching a touchy or sensitive topic with your child. Show respect for one another and be mindful not to make assumptions before you hear each other out.

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Avoid Judgments


You judging your child right away all the time will certainly hurt your goal of trying to grow a deeper bond with them. Do your best to avoid judgments and instead focus on how you can assist and help them out or do better the next time around. You not judging them or others in front of them will teach your child to do the same and always be open-minded. Accept the fact that both you and your child are going to make mistakes but instead of beating yourself up over the matter, simply learn from them so you and your child can approach the situation differently in the future.


Empower Your Child


Doing it all for your child will help them in the moment but not over the long-term. You can grow a deeper bond with your child by treating them their age and trusting them to do a good job. Empower your child to follow through with tasks and chores on their own instead of doing it for them or assuming they don’t know how to do it. For example, assign them household responsibilities and then let them show you that they’re capable of completing them in a timely manner. Allow your child room and space to develop and grow and simply be there to guide them, should they ask for help or need your assistance.


Eliminate Distractions


There are a lot of distractions out there these days, and it’s a wise idea not only to be aware of them, but also to eliminate them. Your phone, computer and work may be a few that are getting in the way of you and your child growing a deeper bond. When you’re together either talking or spending time make sure you’re both present and not allowing external distractions to get in the way of you two connecting. Be strategic about when you decide to have serious conversations with your child so that other people or items don’t get in the way. It’s your job to make sure your home is a place where you two can deepen your bond and feel less distant and separated.

Parenting isn’t an easy job and there will be ups and downs you’ll have to deal with along the way. Take advantage of these ideas for how you can grow a deeper bond with your child and build a better relationship. You’ll never regret the time and energy you put into a matter as important as this one. Your family life will improve, and you’ll all be a lot happier and healthier when you feel closer to each other and are getting along.

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