Do we want our kids growing up to be couch potatoes? I imagine not. Do we want them to hang out indoors and play video games all day? I’m sure we don’t. (Besides, if they’re playing video games all day then we’ll hardly ever get a turn to do the same ourselves!)

It’s important to get your children interested in what’s outside as soon as possible. Here are six hot tips for you and your family!


Get them into exercise early

This, of course, isn’t just good for encouraging them to explore the outdoors. Obviously, there are the numerous health benefits of exercise! And getting them into it early will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term. But people who are into fitness are, of course, more likely to go out running. Running is a great way of exploring the outdoors!



Let them grow something in the garden

What better way to get kids interested in plant life than to allow them to grow their own plant? If they’ve taken particular interest in a plant, then see if you can find seeds for it. Plant it out in your garden and let them tend to it over time. Bring nurture and nature together! Help them study the ways of bringing a plant to its fullest possible fruition.


Bring them camping with you

There are few things in life that will help you get closer to nature than a good camping trip. It’s still one of the best activities you can do as a family! If they’re lucky, they’ll get to see a variety of animals in their natural habitat. You can teach them how to cook outdoors safely or how to make a tarp shelter. Camping requires you to spend hours or even days at a time with nature. It’s the perfect activity for this!


Take them to museums and nature centres

This one is a sort of treat for the both of you! One of the best ways to get your kid engaged with the natural world is to take them to a museum. There are natural history museums, which will feature dinosaurs as well as amazing things about the modern world. Science museums are also amazing. There are also aquariums and zoos to consider!


Show them some amazing things

Is there something nearby that really catches your attention? A beautiful field? Or a stunning lake? Or an area where there is less air pollution blocking a view of the stars at night? If you know of something incredible nearby that your kids can see with their own eyes, then take them out there. Let them be amazed by what nature has to offer.




Buy some books about nature

I guess you could call this “bringing the outside in”! Encouraging your kids to sit and read may not sound like it conforms to the idea of getting them to get outside more. But it really depends on what books you get them! You could, of course, looking into some really adventurous fiction. But you may be better off getting some engaging, kid-friendly non-fiction. Have a look around for exciting books about nature. Such books on subjects like the stars, clouds, plants, and birds can all be found quite easily.

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