Are you having problems sleeping at night? Well, I also went through the same. Interestingly, for something we spend almost our entire lives doing, we still can’t seem to get a good night’s rest. Luckily, I found that you only need to follow some few tips for you to enjoy quality rest, sleep faster and wake up feeling energetic and motivated in the morning.

Prepare a Good Bed

Maybe your bed is not the cause of your snoring, insomnia or any other type of sleeping problem. Even so, I found that it’s a huge factor that causes lack of comfort, especially during the night. It’s good to use the right pillow as you pay close attention to your sleep type. Also, if need be, you could also replace your mattress with the best quality one in the store.

Here, it’s all about narrowing down the cause of your problems. Remember that once you know it’s not your bed that is causing you to lose sleep; you can start tackling the actual causes!


Good Food Is Important!

What you eat much affects the way in which you sleep. I found that the reason as to why I was losing sleep is because of my obsession with ‘junk food.’ I often felt hungry in the middle of the night which significantly disrupted my sleep routine. So, I decided to shake up my diet a little bit with a substantial breakfast meal in the morning. Also at night, I stay away from spicy foods and instead choose to eat something that can help me slowly drift off. Of course, avoid alcohol as it won’t help you sleep at all. In fact, it will even make you snore!

Exercise in the Afternoon or Morning

Avoid exercising at night. Instead, do it early in the morning or in the evening. You’ll find that this will help you to deepen your sleep and ensures that you sleep faster – this is according to one of the developers at If you don’t do too much of exercises, now is the time to change your fitness and health routine for improved sleep.


Take Care of Your Sleeping Position

How good is your sleeping position? Well, in my case, my sleeping location was not great for my body. I used to put too much pressure on my head and neck region which always made me wake up with a stiff neck. However, after going through different sleeping styles, I saw the best one to use. I now wake up in the morning feeling strong and refreshed!


Cool Yourself Off Especially During the Night

Cooling down your body temperature also helps in giving you enough rest during the evening. Although this can be a little bit difficult if temperatures outside are hot, using DIY air conditioners is an excellent way to keep your body fresh as you sleep. However, avoid freezing yourself as it can cause adverse conditions such as common colds and chest problems. I love taking a cold shower before sinking off to bed. I’ve found that I sleep better when I do, and you could also try it out.


A good night’s sleep is essential for both working professionals and students in high schools and colleges. It keeps your mind sharp and alert and your muscles energetic enough to handle the different challenges of the day. With these geeky methods, you are better placed to get that good night’s sleep that you so deserve!


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